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PlusParadigm Busters” Remote Viewing Demonstrations *

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We are looking for potential Professional Remote Viewers

among intelligent disciplined thinkers.  (Students, researchers & other academics.)


Remote viewing is a “psychic” technique developed in the early 70s by two physicists at Stanford Research Institute. Twenty million dollars of taxpayer money went into various government remote viewing programs over a 20-year period.


The government programs were supposedly dropped in 1995.  Non-military uses of remote viewing are currently being developed in the fields of medicine, psychology, physics, spirituality, business etc.


Because it actually can be done and can obtain accurate detailed information, remote viewing promises eventually to become an essential part of all these fields in the future. Unfortunately, academics are among the most resistant to changing paradigms and hence are part of the blockage of the spread of legitimate remote viewing techniques into these other disciplines. (A new book published by the National Academy of Sciences even considers remote viewing “a quantum leap in the wrong direction”). There is however, ample extremely well-controlled research (in refereed journals) supporting remote viewing & similar phenomena (see  or or pick up the book The Conscious Universe by past Princeton Professor Dean Radin.)


To seriously understand and accept remote viewing requires extreme objectivity, clear critical thinking, and self-honesty. Even in academic and scientific circles such objectivity, and lack of bias is hard to achieve. Such objectivity is a discipline in and of itself. It requires a mind willing to discover its preexisting assumptions & conclusions, as well as, a passionate, almost stubborn, “will to find out” what is really there. (It requires no “will to believe” something blindly, or a lack of healthy skepticism). (Skepticism is expected, i.e. If you or your friends have never seen or measured the color green, and you have mainly been exposed to those who deny its existence and can’t fit it in to their current paradigm, it would naturally be hard to believe it exists and you would naturally be skeptical. Those with strong enough denial will refuse to even see the data until it is put in their laps. Remote viewing, like the color green, does exist and is demonstrable. )


Remote viewing is a discipline that requires commitment, focus & intelligence. Because of this, students & other academics have a much better potential of becoming world-class remote viewers than many natural psychics & “new agers.”


WHAT WE ARE OFFERING is free training to those who potentially want to seriously learn this discipline and become part of a team of world-class viewers (full-time or part-time). Such a team would:

1)       Engage in research in the new application of remote viewing to other disciplines and fields.

2)       Do practical remote viewing in the fields or medicine, psychology, healing etc.

3)       Do live demonstrations of remote viewing in hospital, academic and media settings

4)       Contract with corporations to engage in ethical remote viewing. (Remote viewers from another organization are currently doing contracts with corporations collectively worth about five million dollars. Some of these viewers are making over 100k per year.)

5)       Engage in the remote viewing of silver or gold futures etc. in order to accumulate capitol for future projects, research, facilities. (Remote viewing futures has also been successfully demonstrated by other researchers in remote viewing.)

6)       Take on the “Amazing Randi” skeptic challenge with a top RV team.



Demos can currently be arranged on campus at the request of any serious faculty, department (any field) or student group that is interested (skeptical or non-skeptical). Demonstrations can be quick & casual with open participation, or can be well-controlled, or both. They can be public or private. (Don’t be like The Medieval Church members who refused to even look through Galileo’s telescope.)


If you are interested or if you have questions please call Dr. Carr at 425-488-5496