Myths and Misconceptions of Remote Viewing



Wayne Carr, Ph.D.

Executive Director

Western Institute of Remote Viewing

The American Association of Remote Viewers




The Zen of remote viewing (Remote viewing might not be what you think it is)


Remote viewing is a unique psychic technique that involves the interdimensional experiencing or intuiting of a particular person, place, energy, idea, emotion, being, abstraction, mind, dimension, body, structure, object, vortex, activity, event or timeline selected by the viewer or by someone else.


(The thing that I remote view is referred to as a "target.") Most natural psychics say that it is quite a different experience than what they are used to.


When people hear of remote viewing for the first time, they naturally try to categorize it in terms of what they already know and have experienced.  Once we categorize something, we may limit our ability to discover something totally new and unexpected.  You might notice that as some people get older they began to suffer from "hardening of the categories." They become quick to categorize and dismiss without actually looking to see what is really there.


Remote viewing is a process of discovering the unknown by learning to let go of the known.  Remote viewing asks the basic question: “If I put aside all bias, preconceptions and past knowledge, and intend to experience a person, place or activity in a totally fresh way, using my subtle senses, what will I perceive? In doing so, I am purely interested in "what is" and nothing more.


To do this, I must be open with all my subtle senses and with all my Chakras, because I will not know how the impressions might come to me. What I get may not make sense.  I must be open to being surprised by what I get, and how I get it. I must attend to the faintest, faintest of impressions. Remote viewing is simply a way of paying attention.  It is the subtle dance or interplay of intention and attention.  Remote viewing provides a particular structure and sequence to this interplay, almost like a sheet of music provides structure and sequence to the interplay of intention and sound for a musician.


To remote view, I must also not be affected by what I think the “target” is. I must notice my tendency to categorize things and not invest in that activity. I must learn to distinguish between my true intuitive impressions and my own intellectual and emotional stuff that distort my perceptions. I must let go of my projections, "overlays" and deductions, for they are of no help to me. Remote viewing is both discrimination training and a process of learning to let go.


A remote viewer who lives his discipline puts more emphasis on being receptive in the "here and now" than on categorization.  Therefore he can never step into the same river twice because he is aware of all the subtle changes in the flow, sounds, temperature and waves and does not care that it is categorized or labeled a “river.”  The word "river" is our own "overlay" of our actual experience, which goes beyond words. A remote viewer who lives his discipline will never suffer from "hardening of the categories.”


A quiet, centered mind is also conducive to good remote viewing. The practice of meditation is most highly correlated with remote viewing abilities. A good remote viewer also becomes fascinated and very curious about the sensory impressions he is getting. He loves to explore. Again, this is much more important to them than the label or name of what it is he or she is viewing.  Through “creative indifference” to labels and through interest in the senses, the labeling part of the brain is quiet, or doesn't have as much of a chance to interfere. If your thinking, you’re not remote viewing.


Another essential part of remote viewing is immediate detailed feedback.  This is absolutely essential!  By practicing on known "targets" you can find out how accurate you were as soon as your session is completed. You can then clearly see which part of your session was accurate and which part of your session was not accurate. Without this, one is susceptible to convincing oneself that one is more accurate than one really is. We may incorrectly assume that because part of what we got was accurate the rest must also be accurate. When we get a little too cocky about our abilities, doing remote viewing practice gives us a lesson in humility. The ultimate result is a refinement and honing of our skills and the ability to open up our "third eye" wider than we ever thought possible.


Ideally, what we learn in remote viewing sessions we can apply to our daily lives, and use to hone our discrimination of our spontaneous intuitive impressions that we get as we go through our day. We can learn to not project our own "stuff" onto other people and situations. These true intuitive impressions are sometimes called the "sixth sense" but they are really the first sense. It is an essential part of who we are, and part of our birthright. Remote viewing is a highly sharpened tool to help us reclaim and refine this part of ourselves to ultimately use it to help navigate our daily life. 


Actually, in our daily lives, we are remote viewing on an unconscious level all the time anyway, we are just not usually aware of it.  We are interacting all the time with everything and every person around us on a non-local or interdimensional level. Remote viewing is another way of making this unconscious process conscious.


Over all, learning and integrating remote viewing skills can be an essential part of achieving personal clarity and self-trust. As discussed below, it can also be a major path of spiritual and emotional development. The $20 million of taxpayer money that went into its development was money well spent. Consider being a pioneer in this new field using an ancient ability empowered by a new technology.


Be open to the possibility that it may be different than what you think it is.  In the actual remote viewing process, what you think something is, is not important anyway.  It is your actual experience that is important.


Metaphorically, Don't just talk about the river (about-ism), or just categorize the river (categor-ism, as I am doing in this paragraph) or just believe in, or worship the river (belief-ism), or just try to intellectually understand the symbolism of the river (intellectualism), or do what you think the river tells you that you should do, or try to make the river different than what it is (should-ism), or just read in your own stuff into the river (projection), or just spiritualize the river (metaphysics), or just do a "reading" on the river (psychic-ism), or believe that science will tell you the real truth of the river (scientism).


Learn to swim in the river, drink of it if it tastes pure, and become one with it (is-ism).  Then integrate your experience with your heart, your mind and your body (integrity). Then live your life coming from your true center. Go beyond going beyond.


Here is a remote viewing affirmation that I wrote to help frame one’s state of mind prior to doing a remote viewing session:


I enter the process of Remote Viewing in a state of openness, receptivity, and innocence.  I let go of all that I know and all that I think so that I can allow my self to freshly discover what is new from moment to moment. I support myself with my breath and my posture. In letting go, I trust my deepest nature and my deepest process. I am sensitive to the very faintest, faintest of impressions. I give these faint impressions the best words I can without interpretation or bias. Whatever I find I let go of, and move on. I let the data flow and coalesce of its own accord without imposing my order on it. I allow my mind to remain empty and quiet. I sense my oneness with all of creation. I am ready to proceed.





Common Misconceptions:



When people first learn about remote viewing they may begin with certain misconceptions about what it really is.


I have had people tell me the following things about remote viewing:


It isn’t metaphysical or spiritual enough.

It is too metaphysical and New Age.

it is pretty much the same as other psychic disciplines and not worth a look.

It is too “cut and dry” information gathering and not emotional or deeply moving.

They already did remote viewing.

It is limited only to the astral plain -- or some other plain.

They had already been very involved with metaphysical and psychic activities for years and remote viewing could not offer them something new or different.

It isn’t philosophical and did not deal with major ideas or concerns.

That such and such person had the only true way of doing it.

It is the work of the devil and anti-Christian.

It is superfluous to what was really important in spiritual development.

It was only useful for military or spying purposes.

Spiritual or esoteric targets are unscientific because you could not get feedback and therefore are not useful.

They could not think of much use for it.

They thought others or I might remote view or remote influence them.

It is highly dangerous.

That ET’s must be involved in some way.

It is inherently unethical, intrusive or invasive.


The common factor for all the people who made these statements was that they really did not know much about remote viewing except from hearsay or a quick look at an article or a late night radio show. They had prematurely categorized, pigeonholed or dismissed remote viewing on the basis of what they imagined it was. Some people had even become dogmatically entrenched in their beliefs.




The following are some of the most common misconceptions about remote viewing:



Remote viewing is an easy magical mystical process with no down-to-earth, nuts and bolts hard work, structure and practice.


On the contrary, remote viewing initially involves a lot of nuts and bolts, down-to-earth, sometimes tedious, practice, sometimes with some relatively mundane targets.  There is also a lot of emphasis on staying in a certain structure and following a certain step-by-step procedure.  In the military, they said: “Content be damned; structure is everything”. If you stay in the experiential process and stay in the structure then accurate content takes care of itself. This may disillusion some people caught up in the remote viewing mystique. Learning remote viewing well, like learning a martial art, requires a hefty commitment, a lot of energy and a lot of practice.



Because remote viewing was used by the military, it is inherently bad or evil.


Remote viewing is just a procedure for getting psychic contact; it is just a way of paying attention, nothing more. It tends to use non-metaphysical jargon or language. This is actually refreshing. There is however, absolutely nothing whatsoever inherently military or evil about it. Like any powerful tool, metaphysical or otherwise, its use depends on the user. Most remote viewing instructors teach the ethical use of remote viewing.




Remote viewing is no different than other psychic techniques.


Remote viewing can be very different than other psychic techniques.  Because it takes about an hour to do a session, there is a "snowball effect" where one psychic impression builds on another so that the target contact has a much greater potential of being 100 percent accurate and extremely high resolution for all the senses.  The third eye can open wide because it is attended to in the right way, possibly for the first time. It has built-in safeguards to minimize the possibility that one's own distortions will contaminate and distort the contact. There is much more likelihood that you'll get a pure undistorted highly accurate “signal.”



Remote viewing is not a major spiritual practice.


Nothing could be further from the truth. Learning the discipline of remote viewing can have profound effects on one's view of the world and oneself. One's life is never quite the same because it takes something that was previously in the realm of belief or vague experience and puts it in the realm of clear experience. People who remote view spiritual targets can have the deepest, most profound spiritual experience of their life. One can take in, and feel the most powerful healing energies from the Christ, the Buddha, other spiritual energies, or even God in ways most people have not dreamed of because the signal is much more likely to be pure and undistorted. The effects of these experiences can heal, last for months, and change lives. Such encounters have the potential of opening up one's heart center, third eye etc. One can interact with, and communicate with, these energies in new or more powerful ways that go beyond belief.  Remote viewing can and should be integrated with your other spiritual practices to go even further.



Remote viewing is neither proven nor scientific.


Any skeptic should pick up the book The Conscious Universe by past Princeton Professor Dean Radin.   An open-minded person who does their homework will see that there is an ample number of well-controlled studies that, when taken as a whole, show the existence of paranormal abilities. A well-known statistician at UC Davis has stated that further proof would not be terribly fruitful because those who are skeptical will remain skeptical in spite of further proof. She suggests that energy should now be put into finding uses for paranormal abilities instead of proving their existence.



Extreme skeptics of remote viewing are scientific, objective thinkers.


Remote viewing is entirely compatible with clear objective critical thinking and healthy skepticism.  In fact, clear thinkers will make better remote viewers.  However, if you watch extreme skeptics you will see most of them approach the data with great bias. They tend only to explain what they think they can explain, using “one size fits all” explanations (some of which are quite a stretch) and they don’t address what they can’t explain.  They are more interested in taking a position and defending it than in genuinely trying to discover what really might be going on.  They tend to be very reluctant to honestly admit anything because they're so attached to their role and identity as a skeptic. They have a lot at stake for being proven wrong.



Remote viewing always requires certain brain waves or a deeply altered state


False; there is by no means a one-to-one correlation between target contact and brainwave activity.  In fact, there may be little correlation between target contact and brainwave activity. More research needs to be done in this area. When you're doing something called extended remote viewing you're deliberately doing it from a theta brainwave, or drowsy state. This does not imply that the theta state in and of itself is conducive to accuracy.


Some remote viewing sessions will put you in a deeply altered state that can go way beyond words, for other remote viewing sessions you may notice no change in your state. This will vary from person-to-person, session-to-session and target-to-target.  It is a huge error to expect an altered state for every session.



If you are a new age or metaphysical "true believer" you should do better.


Actually the opposite is true.  Remote viewing is learning how to distinguish what is true from what is illusion. If you tend to indiscriminately believe anything, then you'll have a hard time making these distinctions. It is also important to have good “bullshit detectors” because bullshit does exist. Bullshit may be especially hard to detect when it is sugar-coated with metaphysical platitudes. There is truth in everything, but that does not translate into everything is true.

Remote viewing is for people with open minds, not “gaping” minds.



If you're a natural psychic you'll always do better.


Natural psychics tend to do a little better but not always, occasionally they do worse. Sometimes one’s beliefs and preconceptions can get in the way.  It is always better to start with a "beginners mind." Very often, people who feel they have no psychic abilities at all, do fantastically.  If you feel you have no psychic abilities, be prepared to be surprised.



Remote viewing is highly dangerous. It is occult and involves dark powers.


Again, remote viewing is just a way of paying attention over a period of time.  When done properly with an experienced instructor, remote viewing is quite safe with little risk. I have not had one person who felt they were harmed or endangered when remote viewing.  If you're centered, in touch with your feelings, have clear positive intentions, it is very hard to be thrown off center.  To facilitate this, sessions are usually started with a brief meditation and an affirmation.  Sessions are often ended with a re-grounding process.  One can also create a sacred mental sanctuary from which to start and end the session.  As one learns the process, one learns to back off if one finds a target overwhelming. Also, in the workshops, you have a monitor there to assist you if you have any difficulties backing out of a target. Remote viewing, when done correctly, is not much more hazardous than praying. As one should pray with good, clear positive intentions, one should remote view with good, clear, positive intentions. One should be clear in their intentions to go to the actual target.


One note of caution, if you feel you are mentally unstable, or ungrounded yourself, it would not be wise to enter the mind of someone who is also mentally unstable.  Make sure you inform your instructor of any condition you might have. Even if you do not consider yourself mentally unstable, you should be cautious entering the mind of someone who is mentally unstable or a danger to themselves or others.  This kind of remote viewing should be done with the aid of an experienced monitor.


Keep in mind that competent instructors will never give potentially overwhelming targets to a beginning viewer anyway. 


Also, one should balance the remote viewing activities with their other life activities.  Never do remote viewing at the expense of your emotional, social, or nutritional life. You don’t want to live only in your head (or some other place) and continue to do remote viewing. Remote viewing when done in proper balance, will increase the balance in your live. Remote viewers who are out of touch with their feelings, social life, or physical body and who do not attempt to achieve balance, can risk becoming even more off balance.


(Notice that some natural psychics are obese, were abused as a child, or tend to overly sugar-coat everything with “angel stuff.” When one has past painful feelings that need to be attended to, one may escape them by becoming psychic or spiritual. This is called a spiritual “bypass.”)



Remote viewing is un-Christian


Jesus said that you shall do even greater things than these.  He also said you could move a mountain with the faith the size of a mustard seed. The biblical profits themselves could be considered spiritual remote viewers. Jesus also asked “does Satan cast out Satan?” If you're doing good deeds with good intentions with your God-given remote viewing abilities, I'm sure you are in alignment with the real meaning of Jesus’ teachings. If one has questions, one should remote view the Christ for himself and not accept any secondary authority’s interpretation.


As the whole is more than the sum of its parts, the true meaning of the teachings of Jesus is more than the sum of his sayings. One must get the whole “gestalt” of his teachings and who he is, otherwise one can get trapped by making his teachings into merely a list of shoulds and shouldn’ts to be followed in order to achieve a goal.  One can also be trapped by allowing one’s personal hopes, fears, fantasies, desire to belong, longing for a loving parent, imaginings, or group pressure, to prevent one from seeing what is really there. 


Jesus said, according to the gospel of Thomas, "You examine the face of heaven and earth, but you have not come to know the one who is in your presence, and you do not know how to examine the present moment”. "Know what is in front of your face, and what is hidden from you will be disclosed to you. For there is nothing hidden that won't be revealed."


One can always collect this or that quotation to suit ones preconceptions and miss the whole gestalt. Go beyond being a quotation collector. Like the river, any thing that cannot be freshly discovered again and again is not real. To do this you must really see what the word “river” refers to and not just dwell with what you think the river is. If you just dwell on what you think the river is you’ll be swimming around in your own thoughts and will never have the opportunity to feel the pure water against your skin and to drink of it.



Remote viewing’s accuracy is infallible. One cannot download unreal our imaginary data about a target.


Remote viewing is fallible, even the best viewers can have lousy or inaccurate sessions. It is foolish to make absolute claims on the basis of one or two sessions. There is always danger of downloading an imaginary target, a “thought form” or a "morphic resonance" which has no actual existence outside of being a thought form. "Goldilocks and the three bears" or the movie "Contact" can be given as a target. A good viewer will get the story quite accurately, but that does not mean that these things exist in the real world.  One should practice doing real targets and imaginary targets to be better able to distinguish between the two.


There is also the danger of “telepathic overlay” in which you can download someone else's fantasy or belief about a target, which may or may not be true. Beware of remote viewers who make strong absolute claims about anything. Beware of remote viewers who make strong claims about ET's primarily on the basis of their remote viewing data.


Although generally more accurate, even teams of remote viewers can be susceptible to these “downloading” errors.



To have a highly accurate session you must have a strong sense of target contact.


Wrong, a certain percentage of most people's sessions will give them little sense of target contact and yet will be very highly accurate. Just because you don't feel “bi-location” or a sense of target contact does not mean your data is not accurate! If you don't expect this to happen a certain percentage of time you'll be very frustrated.




Remote viewing is actively voluntary and involves no luck.  There is no uncertainty factor.


There is always an uncertainty factor.  With the proper attending and a little luck the aperture or window to the target usually opens up. You can only allow it to open up; you cannot actively force it open.  There are many factors, many of them unknown, which affect the opening of the aperture. 



Finding people and things through remote viewing is easy.


False, Joseph McMoneagle, one of the best military remote viewers, states that it has taken him up to two years to locate someone. It is certainly possible to locate someone immediately; however, there is no guarantee of this and there are many factors involved. One of the factors is how often the person being located is moving from place to place.  New remote viewing locate techniques are being developed and refined.



There is no difference between the remote viewer and a natural psychic


False, natural psychics tend to focus on real-time psychic impressions. For example, when a natural psychic enters a house, they may begin to receive immediate impressions on the past occupants of the house. A remote viewer can also attend to these real-time impressions, however, their focus is more likely to be on doing an hour-long remote viewing session on the past occupants of the house. The session is more likely to have greater detail and accuracy than that of the natural psychic, however, it would certainly depend on the abilities of the psychic and abilities of the remote viewer.



One remote viewing session will tell all


False, if one really wants a great deal of accuracy and detail, then one wants to do several sessions on the same target. When people hire us to do remote viewing for them we put a team of viewers on the target.  We then look at their first sessions and re-target based on the information from the first sessions.  The team members will then do a second session to zoom in on the target even more.



It is not cool to be skeptical.


On the contrary, if you’re new to this and not somewhat skeptical, then you're not being entirely objective and honest.



The older you are, the better you'll do.


Not necessarily, the younger you are the more likely you are to get target contact. Ideally training would start around age seven.  Unfortunately, as we get older, the inborn ability is trained out of us, or becomes somewhat atrophied from lack of use. There are plenty of exceptions to this rule regarding age. There are people in their 80s with incredible abilities. Past experience in life and adequate vocabulary certainly do play a role in an excellent session.




Remote viewing requires a belief in a certain dogma.


False, remote viewing has little to do with belief, especially dogmatic belief. As you remote view however, your view of the world and beliefs will change.




If you start out with poor contact you won’t get much better and should call it quits.


False, there are many people who initially start out poorly and feel discouraged.  Always with perseverance in practice something clicks in them.  After that, they start nailing one target after another.



One should give credence to remote viewing conspiracy theories.


Probably not, when listening to this kind of stuff one should have one's bullshit detectors carefully in place and fine-tuned.



Remote viewing is unethical and intrusive


False, remote viewing is no more unethical and intrusive than a screwdriver is unethical and intrusive.  Remote viewing is merely a tool. Please do not use it unethically or intrusively.  “View unto others as you would have others view unto you.” If you feel you are intruding during a session then back off.  Never use remote viewing maliciously.  With this awesome skill should come a sense of compassion and responsibility. 


Realize that on an interdimensional level, we are all intimately connected and that privacy in the ordinary sense is an illusion that we enjoy when we are primarily in our physical body. This however, does not mean that we disrespect another’s sense of privacy or intrude on their space.



Remote viewing is not a major tool for personal and emotional growth, and self-exploration.


False, remote viewing can be used as a major tool for personal and emotional growth.  With a supportive monitor, you can remote view your own birth, your own death, your own future.  You can remote view your own unconscious processes from a totally new perspective. In the same way, you can remote view your spouse, your relationship, your family. You can remote view your optimal timeline for optimal personal growth. You can use remote viewing techniques to access your own unconscious processes. You can remote view the great minds of the past and the future. As mentioned before, you can let yourself be moved and changed by remote viewing the Christ or the Buddha. You can remote view other worlds and other dimensions both inside and outside.



Remote viewing is not a tool for abstract or philosophical theoretical thinking


Ideas, philosophical concepts, theoretical physics, the great questions of the ages, can all be remote viewed.  Conceptual remote viewing should only be seriously attempted after you've done many concrete targets that you can point at.



One should never remote view unverifiable esoteric targets.


Very false, there is great potential value in remote viewing unverifiable esoteric targets. This is because a major part of the value of remote viewing is the experience itself.  It is true that remote viewing unverifiable targets will not give you a lot of corrective feedback.  It is also true that you can't make many claims based on what you get.  However, despite this, you can have a life changing, growth producing, deeply moving experience which of course is very valuable in and of itself.


When one is exploring other dimensions and other beings one can only surmise that because one was accurate with verifiable targets that one may be at least partly accurate when one is remote viewing unverifiable targets. Furthermore, because one has developed a "taste" for accurate, real data through practicing on verifiable targets, one can also surmise that data that has the “taste” of accurate data for unverifiable targets may also be accurate, at least in part.  It would still be beside the point if one does incorrectly surmise these possibilities of being accurate because the real value of these kinds of targets is not the accuracy or the feedback, it is on the therapeutic value of the experience itself.


The original military remote viewers, of course, were more concerned with getting accurate intelligence data than in having a growth-producing experience. The resistance to doing unverifiable esoteric targets has its roots in the traditional military intelligence and scientific research paradigms.



You can’t learn remote viewing in one weekend.


Because remote viewing is an inborn natural ability, the basics of it can be learned quite rapidly.  The basic tools and support materials for further practice can be given to beginning viewers in one weekend. After that, it's a matter of practice and further guidance through consultation or additional workshops.



Remote viewing is the same as astral projection.


Remote viewing is not the same as astral projection although it is likely that the same underlying mechanism is being used. Remote viewing is more like flying a plane while astral projection is more like floating around in a balloon.  Astral projection does not have the safeguards to ensure that you are getting impressions that are undistorted by your dreams, imagination, ideation, and other personal unconscious material. Without detailed, accurate feedback, astral projection is much more suspect to having accurate perceptions subsequently distorted by fantasies and imagination.  Also, something called "movement exercises" in remote viewing gives you much more control and accuracy so that you can move to the “bull's-eye” of the target.



Remote viewing has few uses.


Very false; there is not one aspect of life for which remote viewing does not have a potential use.

It would be much harder to think of something for which remote viewing would not be potentially useful. Remote viewing has great potential in the fields of medicine, psychology, physics, history, technology, psychotherapy, chemistry, metaphysics, daily life, business, etc., etc.



There is one best method of remote viewing.


False; all remote viewing techniques have their strengths and weaknesses.  Techniques based on the original military protocols have a great advantage of being tried, tested and refined. People who have been doing remote viewing for many, many years like Lynn Buchanan, Joseph McMoneagle, and Glenn Wheaton probably have the edge in teaching the most highly advanced techniques for highly advanced viewers. For basic remote viewing skills, however, most techniques based on the original military protocols are at least adequate.  People who make claims that "if you're not doing their form of remote viewing, you’re not doing remote viewing," do a disservice.


 Remote viewing is still in its babyhood, and new and better techniques have yet to be developed. The saying "if it ain't broke don't fix it" does not apply to remote viewing techniques because the sky is still the limit on what may be done.  The technique and technology of remote viewing has not been perfected anymore than a technique and technology of medical surgery has been perfected. In the next hundred years some fantastic things will be developed.


As with any new discipline (for example psychoanalysis), the first generation of practitioners often accuses the next generation of practitioners of bastardizing their methods. (For example Freud felt Jung had bastardized psychoanalysis).  These accusations go on generation after generation.  The amazing thing is that the people who accuse others of bastardizing their protocols cannot see this pattern.



Remote viewing should be kept in its pure form and not combined with other disciplines.


Since it is not entirely known what results one will get when one combines remote viewing with other disciplines, one cannot jump to this conclusion.  The field is certainly still young enough for pioneers to explore new uses of remote viewing by combining it with other disciplines. Much more research needs to be done. In any discipline there are always purists who believe combining the discipline with something else will contaminate it.



The sciences of psychology, medicine, consciousness, behavior, and neurology has progressed to adopt the current paradigms of modern quantum physics and is no longer based on old Newtonian physics thinking.


Unfortunately this is not true by a long shot.  An overall paradigm shift is a long ways away especially in the established field of psychology.  Much thinking remains mechanistic and Newtonian. A paradigm shift can be unconsciously experienced as a huge threat.  It requires letting go of concepts and ideas that one has identified with and holds dear. Metaphorically, if one has never seen a certain “color” of reality, it's is extremely difficult to incorporate its existence into one's view of reality on the basis of only reading another person's description of it.



Remote viewing mostly involves the most recently evolved parts of the brain.


On the contrary, the part of our brain with this ability evolved first.  It is our autonomic nervous system that first receives and responds to interdimensional or non-local psychic impressions. The body is the first to know; the central nervous system is the last to know.


This sixth sense, does not replace our other senses; it enhances all our other senses and helps guide us in our daily life.



Remote viewing will not help people who are already too open to psychic impressions to the extent that they are already overloaded all the time with what they receive.



On the contrary, as your practicing gets better you learn to modulate and control the third eye or aperture. You can learn to close it as well as open it. It has even been suggested as a treatment for schizophrenics who are often overloaded with interdimensional material as well as material from their own shattered unconscious.



There are cosmic laws against making money with remote viewing


Not! You, and any attempt to make money, may be affected and inhibited by your own upbringing, values and personal belief system. If you were brought up that this kind of thing is wrong, your unconscious affects the result you get. If you do not have this conditioning or belief system, there is no cosmic Gestapo who will intervene. On the other hand, things like greed, if over-indulged in, becomes self-destructive.


There are people with the capability of consistently going from one slot machine to another and consistently winning from $200 to $600 within five to 15 minutes, time after time, after time, so that by the end of an evening they have a thick stack of vouchers for jackpots.



Remote viewing is not practical for real-time use in a private practice where you are seeing clients that come into your office.


False, you can do 5-minute, 10-minute or 15-minute mini-sessions on, or for, your client when he or she is in your office.  You certainly won't have the same accuracy that you would if you had done an hour-long “blind” session.  This does not mean, however, that you can't get extremely accurate and valuable information from these "front-loaded" mini-sessions.  You don't want to seriously attempt to do this unless you've practiced doing many, many verifiable targets using full-length “blind” sessions. (“Blind” means that you don't know what the target is when you’re viewing it.  “Front loaded” means that you know what the target is when you’re viewing it).



The rules and structures for doing remote viewing cannot be bent.


False, the rules and structures can be bent, however, you may lose accuracy. You want to learn the basic procedures and structure first before attempting to experiment with changing them.  Some remote viewers say certain things are absolutely essential, others say they are not.  Once you have the skill under your belt, experiment and see for yourself. Trying new variations for this is how the discipline will evolve into something even more accurate and powerful.


It is also wise to carefully explore the respected and advanced techniques developed by those who have been doing this for 20 years and by those who have had the experiences of complete and total target contact.



One cannot remote view numbers.


False, you can remote view numbers. It just takes more practice or talent. It’s also quite boring.

Unless you’re a natural, give yourself a year to get good.



If you remote view the future and have a good session, what you get has to happen.


False, If you intentions are clear and conditions are right, the best you can get is the most probable possible future, or the “defacto timeline.”  The future appears to exist as possibility and consciousness and other factors apparently “collapse” these possibilities into actualities.


Theoretically, remote viewing tomorrow’s events would be more accurate than remote viewing events ten years from today. The future is not written in stone and the most likely timeline can shift. In reality, no one really understands how it works.



Remote viewing is only visual.


False, the word "remote viewing" is really a misnomer; the more accurate term is remote sensing. When you remote view you are really experiencing the target with all your senses; you smell, taste, hear, sense textures, feel temperatures, sense kinesthetically, as well as see colors, shapes and luminescence. If you're not a visual person, or if you are a terrible artist, you can still do knockout sessions and have strong target contact! For most people the visual and kinesthetic senses are usually the strongest.





In remote viewing you always get crystal clear images.


False, remote viewing sessions most often involve very fuzzy low-resolution images and impressions.  High-resolution impressions can be gotten, but there's no guarantee. It's a matter of practice, the target itself, natural talent, and luck. If you start out a session getting high-resolution images it is probably your imagination operating.  Sessions start with very brief, fragmentary, evaporative impressions that don't make sense. Expect most of your sessions to have resolution much lower than the resolution of impressions that you get from the physical world.



You must feel you have psychic abilities to do remote viewing.


False, you can initially feel that you're “psychic as a rock” and after training, become a world-class remote viewer.



Remote viewing proves that we have a soul, that ET’s exist and that God exists.


False, the fact that you can remote view only proves that we have a brain that interfaces with non-local or interdimensional fields or realities, and that interdimensional fields or realities do exist.  Unfortunately, remote viewing cannot prove on its own, the existence of any of these entities.  This does not mean that they don't exist, or that remote viewing contact with these entities is not real or accurate, or that remote viewing can't assist in shedding important light on these subjects.  Anyone who has had deep remote viewing contact with any of these entities, from that remote viewing experience alone, will be left with a strong sense that they do exist.


So far, without other means of verification, there exists no surefire way of proving that what you get from contact with these targets, is not imaginary, telepathic overlay, mis-decoded data, or material from one's own personal unconscious, longings and desires.  Also, since it is possible that the brain interfaces directly with interdimensional fields, it is not logically necessary to posit the additional existence of a soul to serve as the "middleman" between the body and interdimensional fields. 



If you think you are being remote viewed, you probably are.


Not!  Remote viewing takes an investment of time and energy; there are so many targets and so little time.  To be honest, you're probably not one of the more important targets.  Unfortunately in our society there is no shortage of mild delusions and mild paranoid ideation.



You can easily detect if you are being remote viewed.


False, unless you're in a deep meditative state and very centered, or have been told you're being remote viewed, or have been consistently remote viewing for 20 years you probably won't notice it.  People, who do notice it, have the experience of being gently scanned and attended to, not unpleasant at all.



You can block being remote viewed by someone else.


It is very unlikely that you can block being remote viewed, even if you believe you can.  The military remote viewers have had years and years of experience and most say this cannot be done.  Lynn Buchanan states it could be possible if you've had years of experience and also know special techniques. If you imagine a white light around you you'll just be easier to find.  You might have a little more luck imagining a reflective bubble around you.



The more serious you are, the better you'll do.


If you're serious about being right, and seriously long-faced and non-humorous with grim determination, you'll do worse. Workshops do better when people are lighthearted, relaxed, curious, carefree and humorous.


If you're serious about commitment, practice, time, exploration, and about letting go of needing to be right you'll do better.



Because most of the military remote viewers were men, men must make better remote viewers than women.


False, from my experience there are no appreciable differences between men and women in terms of one gender being better overall than the other. My initial observations suggest that men may tend to do better at the mechanical spatial aspects of a target, and that women may tend to do better at the social emotional aspects of a target. More research is needed.



The purpose of remote viewing is to name the target.


False, the purpose of remote viewing is to experience and describe the target. Naming the target is the “booby prize” in remote viewing. Naming the target will happen anyway in a good session but it is not the purpose of the session. If you’re interested in naming the target you’ll turn your session into a guessing game with little valuable data and experience.



When you remote view, you’re trying to figure out what the target is.


False, only when you’re at the end of you session, can you analyze and figure out to your heart's content. You can then do all the detective, deductive work you want when you look at your data. The remote viewing process is more like being a bloodhound than in being like Sherlock Holmes.



There is one supreme authority on remote viewing.


Yah, sure! (Actually, yes but you’ll have to remote view her in the future 1000 year’s from now!)