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Dr. Wayne Carr, Psychologist, Spiritual Teacher

Since 1996 Director of The Western Institute of Remote Viewing  

Seen on: Fox Family Channel, Showtime, UK’s Darren Brown,

Van Praagh’s “Beyond”, numerous Radio Shows & Conferences

Learn from one of the Most Experienced Innovative, Spiritually & Integrally Oriented Teachers:


MEDICAL Remote Healing Etc.





Basic: Make contact with any person, being, mind, event, location, time or concept in the universe. Can be used in: business, missing people, exploring historical events, etc. etc. Explore “non-local” & non-dual Consciousness. Beginning & intermediate techniques.


Spiritual: God, the Christ, the Buddha, spiritual guides, spiritual masters, spiritual ET’s, worlds of shamanic journeying etc. The profound effects are often life changing and enduring. Prepare to experience tears of joy and intoxication with bliss.


Medical & Remote Healing: Learn to accurately view medical conditions. You can target specific organ systems & energetics down to the cellular level. Once the “window” is open, initiate powerful new healing techniques. Become a powerful Medical Intuitive.


Therapeutic & Integral: View “yourself”, “your true nature”, “yourself 10 years from now”, “your optimal future timeline” etc. Form a “We” of joined minds. Seeing yourself & others through completely new eyes can profoundly heal yourself & your relationships.




q  I have done various psychic and spiritual work for 30 years.  I usually don't take workshops anymore because they are too basic, too elementary.  Through this class, I was able to explore completely new territory, yet get phenomenal results with my very first viewing.  


q  My life will never be the same! Chalk up another one to " things I never would have known unless someone showed me how to change my perspective". Dr. Carr is an outstanding teacher. More people should know about this!  


q  Thank you for your informative and 'earth-shattering' (my 'earth', that is!) presentation! Thank you for your time and wonderful presence ... This was one of the most interesting classes I've ever taken. Very fascinating Wonderful!!  


q  My utmost admiration goes to Dr. Carr's ability as an instructor with this tool.  Truly, the most amazing workshop I've ever attended..  


q   I can’t thank you adequately for the experiences your teaching has added to my life. I’m still rather overwhelmed… 


q  A great advanced workshop! Very interesting, profound effects in the last two weeks: dream life, changes in my behavior, positive incidents... 


q  Remote viewing is an amazing technique that works. As an energy work practitioner, I was very pleased … the possibilities are absolutely endless! This is definitely experiential knowing... it stays with you.


q   I have been doing psychic and energy work for twenty years.  Remote Viewing was a profound experience for me.