Integral Remote Viewing


What is Remote Viewing in General?

Remote viewing is a "non-local" technique whereby one can experience being present at an undisclosed location that can be thousands of miles away. One can see, feel, touch, smell and hear at this distant location just by using one's mind and attention in a special way!

Exactly what you are remote viewing is disclosed to you only after your session, by the person who possesses the photo or description of the “target” to be viewed. An example of a "target" could be the pyramids of Giza at the time of construction.

Extremely well controlled research has demonstrated that these sensory-emotional-conceptual experiences can be very strong and very accurate. Remote viewing has been used very successfully to locate previously undiscovered buried archaeological structures in the Mideast. It was used by the U.S. intelligence community to single-handedly accurately describe and locate a previously unknown about, new Russian submarine. When spiritual targets are viewed, such as the Buddha, people often have the most profound experience of their life.

Remote viewing is an example of using the “non-local” abilities of the brain. It means the brain can and does non-locally connect and exchange information with what so far seems to be anything in the universe. For anyone unfamiliar with or skeptical about the brain’s non-local abilities, please pick up the book Entangled Minds by Dean Radin. (You will become aware of the huge amount of research and meta-analyses with staggeringly high levels of significance.)

More Examples of What Can Be Remote Viewed
One can remote view one’s father or mother at the time when one was 10 years old. During this time, one can reconnect with one’s father in a totally new and healing way. One can also choose to walk in one’s father’s shoes and see the world through one’s father’s (or anyone else’s) eyes.

One can remote view the historical Buddha at the time of his enlightenment. While remote viewing the Buddha some will feel entirely safe for the first time in their life. During this time, some will experience their heart being opened up on a very deep energetic level. Deep tears of joy are common for this kind of viewing.

While remote viewing a pod of Dolphins one can feel oneself swimming in the water while emotionally connecting with the rest of the pod. (A bipolar woman who remote viewed a pod of Dolphins was able to feel stable for the first time in her life. She was able for the first time to grasp the meaning of stability (creating a new prototype of experience.)

One can remote view the eruption of Old Faithful geyser at a certain date and time. While remote viewing the Geyser’s eruption, one can experience droplets of water on one’s skin. One can feel the ground rumble with one’s whole body. One can hear the roar and sense the energy and power of the hot water being forced upward. One can look around the area and see, smell and hear the trees, the lodges and the people. One can sense the excitement of the people as they watch the eruption. One can pick out a particular onlooker and go inside his mind to find out what he was thinking. (Usually done with permission and with positive intent)

What is an Integral Perspective?
An integral perspective takes into account all aspects and levels of “reality”, the self and others. It tries to leave no aspect neglected. It takes into account our conscious states, our past current & future stages of development, the subjective and objective parts of ourselves, our society & culture, the physical universe, spirituality etc. It sees the importance of dealing with our shadow as well as having a spiritual practice that “transcends and includes”.

It discriminates between the pre-rational (much new-age stuff), the rational (including science) and the trans-rational (seeing the previously unseen (and un-see-able) by being exquisitely rational, intuitive, sensitive and discriminating as well as being highly awake and clear-headed)

Remote Viewing from an Integral Perspective:

This Means:

1) Conceptualizing and formulating remote viewing theory and techniques that take into account, conscious states, our stages & lines of development, our subjective experience, our society & culture, the physical universe etc.

2) Actually viewing "targets" relating to conscious states, our stages of development, our society & culture, the physical universe, the nature of the heart the mind and reality. It also means remote viewing that deepest ideas that can conceptualize these things. It further means remote viewing targets that 1) help heal our shadow and 2) facilitate and accelerate our moving on to higher stages of development and taking new perspectives.

What is so remarkable about Remote Viewing from an Integral Perspective?

1) Taking previously impossible perspectives:
Remote viewing remarkably allows one to see from first person, a second person, a third person and a fourth person perspective! One can do a “collective deep mind probe” to get a sense of what a whole group of people are thinking and feeling collectively. One can go inside the human body and observe microscopic events. One can potentially observe the activity of cells, viruses, molecules, atoms, and subatomic particles. The observation of dark matter, dark energy and other universes is conceivable through remote viewing. One could formulate extremely abstract targets involving concepts and perspectives relating to mathematics, other dimensions, and previously unconceived of notions. One can see conceivably through the eyes of future scientists, philosophers and intelligent nonhuman entities that may exist elsewhere in the universe.

2) Seeing the world through other people's eyes
As mentioned, one can see the world through the eyes of another being, for example you can see through the eyes of your parents, your spouse, an enemy, or a spiritual master, or someone on a much higher or even lower level of development. In this way one might accelerate one’s progression to their next developmental phase by putting a “crack in the door” and by creating "prototypical experiences" of the next stage. If you are remote viewing your spouse under "blind" conditions then you can conceivably discover your spouse through a totally new and unbiased eyes. You can literally stand up and walk in his or her shoes. This has the potential of transforming your empathy and communication with the ones important to you.

3) Seeing the world through the eyes of your future and past self
One can remote view oneself at a future level of spiritual-emotional-cognitive development. One can then see the world through the eyes of their future self. The same can be done for yourself at a past moment of time, for example your birth, or a past traumatic or enabling event. It is not uncommon for someone who is remote viewing their birth to want to curl up in a fetal position and cry like a baby without any prompting. Since this is done single blind or double blind, you beliefs about yourself won’t get in the way to distort your experience. The possibility exists of integrating past, present and future selves.

4) Learning from, experiencing and taking perspectives from the Future
Sense the non-local abilities of the brain transcend time and space, it is possible to bring back information and perspectives from timelines that haven’t happened yet. This has been demonstrated in well-controlled research.  This blows wide opens the possibilities of individuals and groups reaching developmental stages never reached yet. Higher, not yet conceived of, memes or stages can be accessed now and integrated into one's current world-view. Of course, when this happens the defacto timeline will change. It also apears posssible to explore possible alternative timelies.

5) Go beyond taking different perspective to taking temporarily taking different Identities
You can Temporarilyblend” with the identity of another person such as an historical figure, a spiritual master or significant other. When one pass this once begins to see how transient identity is. This also facilitates not identifying so much with the personal ego. One can sense what it is like to simultaneously think the thoughts, have the intentions of, and feel the feelings of and have the body sensations of another person or even an animal. This takes the empathy to an entirely new level.

6) Creating “Prototypical Experiences”:
Remote viewing offers the possibility of experiencing aspects of reality you have never experienced before, from a perspective you have never experienced before. On a feeling level this means feeling what you have never felt before. Most of us imagine that future experiences will in some way fit within the bounds of what we have experienced before. A remote viewing experience however, can be totally outside your current “reality box” or completely outside the range of experiences you’ve had before. Healing Prototypical experiences can be created during the remote viewing process.
Not having prototypical experiences early in life, for example, really feeling safe and secure, is one of the main things that blocks people from moving to higher stages of development. If you have never really felt safe in your life, part of you will be stuck in the past at that time where developmentally your safety needs should have been met.  On the higher end of the developmental ladder one can have prototypical experiences necessary for the more highly developed parts of ourselves to move to the next rung of one's developmental ladder.

7) Seeing from several different Perspectives Simultaneously:
When you are remote viewing you're using the brain in unknown ways. No one knows how the brain/mind accesses non-local fields. The physics of neuronal functioning and neuronal connections during remote viewing may not be understood for a long time. Occasionally during intense remote viewing sessions viewers often report being able to see an object from several sides at once. In this case, consciousness is functioning in a very unusual manner. It is hard for ordinary consciousness to even conceive of this possibility. Viewers also report something that has been referred to as a "thought ball". A thought ball is a form of cognition that arises that is holographic in nature. It contains many few points simultaneously plus many thoughts and cognitions simultaneously. The potential for this kind of comprehension is monumental and may even be part of future human developmental stages not yet reached.

8) Taking the non-local and paranormal out of the realm of belief or disbelief into the realm of actual direct experience
It is one thing to believe something or to understand it intellectually however, it is an entirely different thing to experience it. It is similar to studying and talking about a river vs. jumping in the river in swimming in the cool water. One can never fully grasp what a river is until one has swam in a river and felt it's currents.  The actual experience accurately remote viewing an event and gaining a strong sense of presence at the target can be an experience that sends ripples through one's entire being for years to come.  To not take into account up the fact that we are constantly interacting with a everything around us on and on local level is to ignore an important slice of reality and to make one's life smaller.
The implications of the non-local abilities of the mind are beyond profound.

9) Seeing something with relatively little bias, prejudgment, pre-categorization or belief.
As mentioned before, when one to remote views one does not known what the "target" is until after he views the target. This keeps the viewer completely open and honest in his approach. As soon as the viewer thinks he knows what the target is his session is doomed. He must continually stay open. Through practice, one can learn to approach what arises in one's own consciousness without bias and pre-categorization. After the session, one receives corrective feedback on which impressions were accurate and which were not. This approach is incredibly useful in other parts of one's life. It is important to approach most of what one encounters in life with a consciousness relatively free of bias and prejudgment and then be open to corrective feedback; this of course is something easier said than done.

10) Remote viewing issues, topics and questions of paramount importance. For example remote viewing: the nature of dark matter and dark energy, the omniverse, God, consciousness, DNA, and evolution.
Remote viewing has large potential uses in virtually all disciplines and in all aspects of life. One need merely formulate an appropriate target relative to a particular question.

11) Remote viewing therapeutic issues topics and questions.
One can remote view one's unconscious, the unconscious of another person, one's defenses and fears, one's blind spots, significance events in one's past, one's current or future spouse, possible choice points in one's future, one's true nature, departed loved one's, one's own death, oneself after death etc. etc.