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Dear Prospective Workshop Host,

I am interested in scheduling lectures and/or workshops on Remote Viewing with your organization or at your facility. Below, I've included materials explaining Remote Viewing, the workshops (including proposals), the lectures, as well as, explaining my background.

Remote Viewing is a very powerful psychic technique developed at Stanford. It is very different than any other psychic/spiritual discipline and has tremendous potential in the fields of spiritual development and emotional growth, medicine & healing, and psychology.

I have been teaching remote viewing in workshops in the US and Europe since 1996 with very successful results. Remote viewing students are often very deeply moved and changed by their sessions in my classes. My background as a Licensed Psychologist has enabled me to extend the learning of remote viewing to new areas of grow and healing.

Please let me know if it's possible to arrange a workshop, class or lecture through you. I invite you to check the institute's web site out at; (At the web site try clicking on the heading called "Workshop Proposal Kit".)

Please call me if you have any further questions.

I can be most easily reached at 866-759-9010.


Wayne Carr, Ph.D.

Introductory letter (same as above letter, but for printing out)

Remote Viewing:

What is Remote Viewing?

Why We're on the Cutting Edge of Remote Viewing


What Can Learning Remote Viewing do for You Personally?


What Are the Many Practical Uses of RV?

Suggested Reading in remote viewing

Dr Carr:

Bio of Dr. Wayne Carr  (Includes Dr. Carr's Training & Background In Remote Viewing)


Dr. Carr (Photos included) 

Dr. Carr's Resume



Remote Viewing Lecture Description




Proposal and Description for 2 Day Weekend Workshop

Proposal and Description for 5 Day Workshop


Proposal and Description for 11 Day Workshop

Dr. Carr's Current Workshop Schedule


Psychological RV Workshop


Spiritual RV Workshop


Medical RV Workshop



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Workshop Organizing Kit


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