Wayne E. Carr, Ph.D.

Licensed Psychologist

NV license, Calif. license No. PSY 14938

Executive Director: Western Institute of Remote Viewing

& American Association Of Remote Viewers

(Dr. Carr's professional role, responsibilities and ethical obligations as a

licensed psychologist are kept entirely separate from his role as a remote viewer and instructor.)

The Western Institute of Remote Viewing
218 Main St. # 634

Kirkland, WA 98033 

: 1866-759-9010


E-mail: waynecarr@remoteviewers.com, Web site: http://www.remoteviewers.com

Dear Remote Viewing Student,

Please let me Know if you're interested in organizing a Remote Viewing Workshop in your area! The workshop length can be from 2 to 11 days, depending on what fits the schedule of the interested people. Also I can come out for a series of weekend workshops. Specialized (medical, therapeutic, psychological) and advanced remote viewing workshops are also available. You can organize a group of friends and/or I can provide flyers that can be placed in bookstores (Usually metaphysical), health food stores etc. I can also come out for a free introductory lecture. The basics of remote viewing can be learned in 2 days, and reasonable beginning competency in remote viewing can be learned in 5 to 6 days. To do a workshop in areas other than San Francisco, Reno and Las Vegas, I would need airfare, and a place to stay, in addition to the workshop fees.


The beginning training will give you the skills to be able to remote view targets on your own and have, at the very least, decent, reliable target contact. If you feel you are not getting any target contact from the beginning training, your money will be refunded. So far, absolutely everyone who has completed the training gets good to excellent target contact, some on their very first viewing! A learn-by-doing technology has now been developed to teach remote viewing much more rapidly and efficiently. The instructor is committed to work with you until you have reached the proper criteria. The group setting is with an advanced professional remote viewer and Ph.D. giving you individualized feedback, guidance and instructions which is vastly superior to video tapes for those who want to learn rapidly and in much greater depths.

Let Me Know ASAP. 866-759-9010


Wayne E. Carr Ph.D.