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Workshop Cost:

A Weekend Workshop,
Which gives you basic remote viewing skills to do remote viewing on you own is  
and $349 if you register 3 weeks, or more, in advance


  There is an additional materials fee of $39 for General Remote Viewing Workshop and $49 for Medical Remote Viewing Workshop. (These are my costs only for Xeroxing and binding at Office Max) Payment for this is at the workshop and not over the internet..


The beginning training will give you the skills to be able to remote view targets on your own and have, at the very least, decent, reliable target contact.  If you feel you are not getting any target contact from the beginning training, your money will be refunded.  So far, absolutely everyone who has completed the training gets good to excellent target contact, some on their very first viewing!  A learn-by-doing technology has now  been developed to teach remote viewing much more rapidly and efficiently.  The instructor is committed to work with you until you have reached the proper criteria.

The group setting is with an advanced professional remote viewer and Ph.D. giving you individualized feedback, guidance and instructions which is vastly superior to video tapes for those who want to learn rapidly and in much greater depths. (The video tapes do, however, provide an excellent introduction to remote viewing, to beginning viewers and are also recommended)

Advanced Training

Do you want to develop your skills to the max?
Advanced Workshops are taught in the advanced training workshops. Remote viewing’s potential for ethical use in medicine, healing, growth, science is beyond anything you might have previously thought. This is legitimate and serious.

 Weekly Local Group

The best way to learn remote viewing for local people with commitment.
The current group meets in Seattle almost every Sat am from 9am to11 am, 

Want to be part of a
top notch remote viewing team?

We have teams of the best remote viewers for special targets, projects & research.  Help change the world!  

Are you already a remote viewer?   Please feel free to join by calling 

Individual Instruction (One-on-One)

 (by appointment only) $85 per hour, to fit any schedule
 No additional charge in any workshop or training for additional coaching, faxing and session evaluation by phone for solo sessions and  to ask for home practice targets.


live video

View RV Training & Lectures (for students)