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I have done various psychic and spiritual work for 30 years.  I usually don't take classes or workshops anymore because they are too basic, too elementary.  Through this class, I was able to explore completely new territory, yet get phenomenal results with my very first viewing.  I can't wait to see what happens with practice!

--- Joan D.

I just wanted to say thank you and WOW, what an awesome experience; I feel rejuvenated!

--- Denise

Remote viewing is Fun! I'm surprised at how well I did as a beginner. I can't wait to do more!  Wayne Carr is a great instructor with a good sense of humor.

--- Karen C.

I have been doing psychic and energy work for twenty years. I have also been in management in the business world for more than twenty-five years. I am well versed in using both analytical and intuitive understandings to
accelerate constructive change in organizations and individuals. Remote Viewing was a profound experience for me as it was the first time, due to the exactness of the process, I viewed something using only my body intelligence. For years, in my spiritual search, I have been told time and time again, to be in the NOW. To experience people, events, environments
as if viewing them for the first time. This workshop was the first time I have ever directly experienced actually viewing someone or something without any preconceived notions of my mind, emotional body or intuitive
faculty. Thanks

--- Liandra

My life will never be the same! Chalk up another one to " things I never would have known unless someone showed me how to change my perspective". I had even more respect for the human mind now. Dr. Carr is an outstanding teacher. More people should know about this!

--- Penny

I know that somehow this remote viewing is in my life's path for my progression to the next steps I take - spiritually, physically, mentally! Thank you for your time and thank you for your informative and 'earth-shattering' (my 'earth', that is!) presentation! My experience during the meditative "seeing" of the target was one of such total surrender at points...   Thank you for your gentle and your well-researched approach to the subject of remote viewing. It allowed me to keep an open mind easily. Thank you for your time and wonderful presence ...

--- Diana

Dr. Wayne Carr provides a rich and fascinating wealth of data on remove viewing which pulled me in from the get go.  The workshop atmosphere was safe, warm and extremely supportive.  Everyone was encouraged in their abilities, as well as reinforced.  It is an amazing tool and one that I recognize as being present in all of us!  Incredible to watch participants realize their talent especially even at just the beginning level.  My utmost admiration goes to Dr. Carr's ability as an instructor with this tool.  Truly, the most amazing workshop I've ever attended.

--- Laura S.

I canít thank you adequately for the experiences your teaching has added to my life. Iím still rather overwhelmed by the implications and potential future of Remote Viewing. I now you will continue your endeavor to expand your institute. I was pleased!  Thank you again, Dr. Carr"

--- Gwen

I can't tell you how wonderful it was too actually get automatic feedback on intuitive material.. Sometimes it is months before I learn if what I see is true. or has any accuracy at all.. I was in awe of the quality of stuff that I got using this process and trying to be intuitive instead of my usual method of getting impressions in "thought balls," as you call them. 

What really strikes me is that I am more balanced - emotionally and spiritually than l have been in a long time.. For the first time in my life I am positive that I am not crazy but that I am intuitive and my third eye was way to open to the noises and static in the atmosphere around me.. I know that my thought balls usually are quite accurate but I did not believe that I could have any control over it until a year ago and my research led me to you and your seminar.

--- Shelley

Connie and I really enjoyed meeting you and taking your class. Some of the things you taught, gave a different perspective to RV that will be of great asset in our continued development. The airplane analogy was excellent. I would always try to "get it" with the ideograms, and run out of gas for the matrix. The more that I consider and think about the psychological experiment, the more personal understanding I gain. Yes, this is a valuable tool. I found through this tool, that some of my insecurities need more work than I thought!.

--- Rick & Connie

Thank you so much for doing the workshop in San Anselmo last weekend. I gained another level of understanding about remote viewing and the process of the work. I find it very interesting and something that I can focus my behavior on for long periods of time. I say behavior, because I don't have to 'pay attention' in the normal way. Impatience and short attention span around things that do not interest me is great; and few things really engage my attention unless they are metaphysically enlightening. This work opens a whole new area of activity for me and I thank you very much for presenting it in a balanced and compassionate way. Looking forward to much more.

--- Michele

Thank you for a great advanced workshop! Very interesting, profound effects in the last two weeks--dream life, changes in my behavior, positive incidents...

--- June

Dr Carr's course helped me to realize that my unconscious is truly operational. It also gave me the opportunity to identify the difference between my "story" and the real target. The class requires a lot of energy but it is well worth it.

--- Marcia

 I wanted to thank you for the great workshop again - I really enjoyed it and meeting you.  Also, I would like to sign up on a team to hunt for missing persons.
--- Lisa

Dr. Carr presented the material in a logical sequence with historical data that helped me to understand the concepts behind Remote Viewing.  Dr. Carr also made the workshop fun and enlightening. I would certainly recommend this workshop to anyone "remotely" interested in RV.

--- Agni

I want to thank you for coming to Albuquerque to give the remote viewing workshop. It was life changing for me in several ways! I am so grateful for the direct experience of the Buddha. I am also grateful for the experience of you, kind, smart and funny. I am thankful too for the feeling of learning to trust myself more. I've known a lot of things for a long time and this really validated my knowing.

--- Rachel B.


The course was great and I look forward to practicing and going further with this.

--- Steve

The workshop was everything I hoped it would be -- hands-on -- sharing with no hang-ups -- learning real RV techniques explained clearly to the novice and advanced alike.

Dr. Carr is relaxed informative and humorous approach to his presentation brought fast comprehension of and results in remote viewing. This workshop brought expansion of my own self-awareness, opening up new vistas for the mind, helping ourselves and others in perceiving our ever-changing world realities.

I highly recommended this workshop for those who want to get a handle on the RV experience, or just to "get their feet and minds wet" in a whole new ocean-dimensions of sensory perception.

--- Fugjiko

I always like to know how to do things independently and not to have to rely on a group or another person and this course gave me that.

--- Lisa


Remote viewing is an amazing technique that works. As an energy work practitioner, I was very pleased with the methods presented in remote viewing the possibilities are absolutely endless! This is definitely experiential knowing... it stays with you.

Very pleased with the presentation of material, including spirituality and a very wide breath of views. Explanations were very good and clear. Very helpful and supportive. Very good "cool down" facilitating

--- Kecia


Amazing how quickly the group learned the basic skills and how it's "in-tune" we were with picking up on our own innate psychic abilities. I'm looking forward to honing my skills and putting our fee to use in my home life

--- Carole


The workshop was fascinating. Coming into the workshop I didn't think I would be able to do it, but I was pretty accurate even on the first session.

--- Michiel


Gave me an opportunity to look at things in a different way. I really enjoyed "scene" things with new eyes. The class was fun and informative. I definitely plan on moving forward with my training.

--- Wendy


Great validation to confirm what I was feeling/seating as being right on.

--- Rebecca


Dr. Carr's remote viewing workshop was very exciting. Dr. Carr presented the information very clearly and informatively. I came away motivated and interested to continue studying RV and to join a practice group.

--- Linda


This is a challenging and rewarding Workshop! The demands of the workshop activity require a great deal of energy. Be well-rested and prepared to go through all of the emotions that go a long with a steep learning curve. I learned a lot and felt very rewarded. I came to the workshop tired and depleted - not a good start - I learned I need to have more patients with ME, in that in my expectations of perfections are high. However, I made good energetic contact! Dr. Carr is very encouraging supportive. A good workshop!

--- Elaine


The Remote Viewing Basic Workshop by Dr. Wayne Carr is effective and condensed .  Dr. Carr coveys a lot of useful information is a well-prepared, sensitive manner.  My hope for the workshop was to determine inwardly whether or not I could connect with the material and perhaps learn to do remote viewing independently.  This hope has been met.  I highly recommend the course to others who feel compelled to explore this aspect of consciousness.

--- Mary N.


Dr. Carr is an excellent teacher who uses methods that incorporate both right and left brain.  For those of us who have largely operated in the left brain sphere he guides toward opening the intuitive and trusting (proving ) it.  For those with a feeling/intuitive base we are gently and systematically guided toward specificity, all with great humor.  The gentle, intelligent compassionate way he deals with difficult situations in the class room are also good lessons.

--- Nancee C.


Dear Remote Viewer,

I learned a lot in the class.  I'm pleased I took it,  I was directed to take it and want to continue on with it.  We all were able to do remote viewing, all eight of us.  We got the same images to start out with, some got more information than others, but we all ended up seeing the same thing.  More took place in this class than just remote viewing on many different levels at once.

--- Rose M.


A good review of basic RV methodology, good sequence of increasing detail and depth with a good mix of targets.

--- Bruce H.


I enjoyed the workshop and found it clearly organized and presented.  It was a bit overwhelming to tackle the subject in such a short time.  Letting go of the analytical mind and learning the new vocabulary seemed a bit  much to do in two days.  More time would be good, i.e. a week rather than a week-end.

--- Ann R.


I wasn't sure what to expect, I was very surprised by the process, the amount of detail and just the fact that this works. It was fun and gratifying.  Good and rewarding experience. Thank you!

--- Cathy N.


I enjoyed the workshop very much!  I'm sure I will always be intrigued by this new understanding of our sixth sense abilities.  Thank you for sharing your expertise with so many of us.

--- Avalee G.


This was one of the MOST interesting classes I've ever taken.  Highly recommend.  Very well presented.  Very fascinating. Wonderful!!!                                                                                               

 --- Elizabeth J.

Dr. Carr's course on Remote Viewing helped me realize that my unconscious is truly operational.  It also gave me the opportunity to identify between my story and a target.  The remote viewing workshop experience requires a lot of energy, but it is well worth the effort. 

--- Marcia C.

I was amazed by how things that I was getting didn't seem to go together until we got to see the actual target.

--- Chris J.

I simply want to express my profound gratitude to you for coming to Chicago even though we were such a small group. The weekend experience has catapulted me into a whole new level of awareness and deep flowing joy... quite simply so much happened that was beyond words and from this space I have learned some very valuable lessons. Your wisdom and gentle, silent embodiment is exquisite... thank you for showing me the beauty that lies in such expression.

--- Joan C.                                                                                                                      

Dr. Carr's remote viewing workshop showed me that our brains -- our consciousness -- are capable of so much more than logic and frontal-lobe problem solving.  We are so much more than our physical form.

--- Judy H.                                                                                                        


What a great workshop.  It was everything I had hoped it would be and more.  I learned a great deal.

--- Kathy R.

Thanks so much for a fantastic workshop in Phila.  I hope you can come back to this area to work with us more.  I learned so much that weekend and am continuing... thanks again for everything.

--- Suzanne S.

This is the class I've been searching for!

--- Randy B.

Dr. Carr's well-presented workshops are easy to follow and never boring.  Very good confidence booster -- makes everyone realize they can directly know something.

--- Elissa

Remote viewing gave me an incredible insight into my "self."  The technique is clear, step by step and easy to follow.  The results are amazing.  Dr. Carr, your workshop was great and really gave me so much insight into myself and the whys of who I am. I'm really grateful to you for all the work you've done so I could experience all that I have.

--- Kate S.

I was able to witness a woman's birth from the viewpoint of the baby.  It was amazing to see the moment when the child realizes I AM. Through remote viewing I was able to touch the essence of Buddha.  Both experiences were profound and extremely emotional.  What a wonderful opportunity.  Thank you!

--- Kathy

Dr. Carr is a great teacher, very patient.

--- JD

Dr. Wayne Carr is a patient, supportive instructor.

--- Patricia B.