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(Small Sample)

I recently received your Remote Viewing Course.

I just wanted to touch base with you on it.  I had ordered PSI-Tech's course about six months ago and was using that ...but felt kind of limited in it.  I really like your approach to remote viewing ...especially probing the Matrix...wow...I just love your inclusion of a wide range of perception rather than just four or five distinctions.  Using the PSI-Tech approach....I got the general idea...but I found myself dropping into a kind of a mental sequence easier..because targets just don't seem to be so generic.

(But I have been a clairvoyant for many years and I am using to getting more detail!)



I got the RV materials last month and have been slowly working with them.  I
am amazed how well it works, and am invigorated by my modest successes to keep
practicing ...
Thank you again for your consideration and good works.



...I looked into the different courses offered on remote viewing. Many of them look good. However, the course that you and your institute offers seems far and away the most innovative, creative, and exciting. With the other courses, it appears that they are either exceedingly tedious home study with no one I could call for support or questions, or they are actual workshops that I would have to attend, which of course becomes increasingly expensive. I, of course, realize that this course will also have itís share of tedious work (Iím not afraid of hard work and putting in the time). However, your course provides for feedback, support, questions and answers, AND offers a wide array of FASCINATING activities and exercises that can be pursued after I have learned the basics and have a good grasp of the techniques.

All in all, your course appears to have everything; a stimulating and supportive program to begin with (at a reasonable price), and a wide array of options to meet any personís interest level as they wish to proceed." MATT


"I was equally impressed with the fact that you took my phone call from work and was so receptive. Itís not often that you get a chance to speak with the president of, well, anything. and have polite, informative conversation. My hatís off to you sir. Also after reviewing the fact very carefully, looks like Iíll be buying your remote viewing course and learn under your tutelage. Iím looking forward to it." HAROLD


Just after I wrote my last email I did your mini session. This was my first session. I picked a number from the list in the materials. Got impressions of damp, cool, smell of trees, sound of birds, flowing water, tall, openness, waterfall, wide, vast, frozen, green, brown. (All taken from my sheets) The AOL I wrote down was mountain, and lake. I ended up drawing a picture of a mountain, trees on the side and water near the mountain. The target was Mt. Rainier. I was blown away! Must be beginners luck! RICK