Detailed Instructions for

Target Preparation



Target Practice Procedure
Ideal Target Characteristics



It is important that you follow the following procedure in a NON-HURRIED relaxed way:

You need your PILE of individual target pages (A target page is a photo and description of an individual target) AND a separate CLEARED TABLE or desk that can REMAIN CLEARED (except for the selected one target page) during the viewing.


1)    Select a target from the target pool (ideally using a random number table or generator.)


2)       Select the target coordinates (eight digits) (ideally using a random number table or generator.)


3)       Remote the selected target page from the target pool pile without writing the coordinates on it.


4)   LOOK at the target so you know what it is and you recognize the picture on it if it has a picture


5)       Place the target page on a CLEARED table and sit comfortably at the table


6)       BEFORE you write the target coordinates on the selected target page, close your eyes and relax and breath deeply for 60 seconds or longer, just let go and be open.


7)       Open your eyes and look at the target page and AS YOU WRITE the target coordinate at the top center of the single target page BE VERY CLEAR IN YOUR MIND THAT YOU INTEND THIS PARTICULAR TARGET TO BE THE ONE TO BE VIEWED.


8)       Now hold the target page in front of you and look at it for 60 seconds. Just take it in and let it leave an impression.


10)    write on a free space on the target page the following, with full awareness and conscious intentionality  “ I intend for.. (write the name of the target) to be the target to currently be viewed by the viewers”


11)    ALSO write, consciously, as an “affirmation”, on piece of paper, the following:  I am open to the  possibility that the viewers can actually remote view this target”


12)    You don’t have to write the following, but also just be mentally open to the possibility of the viewers receiving your thoughts as to what the target is.  Also think of the viewers with your own good will and positive regard. You want to wish them the best.


13)    Place the target page in a folder labeled “current target” and leave it on the center of a cleared desk.. Also write the coordinates on the outside of the folder.


14)    Make sure that the PILE or folder of  the other targets and extraneous RV material are PLACED IN A DIFFERENT ROOM THAN THE ACTUAL TARGET PAGE. In no circumstances leave the pile near the chosen target ( let it be you intention that the viewers remote view the target placed on the table in the table in the particular room it is in)


16) Leave the target on that table until the session is finished.


17)  When you leave the room make sure that it is clear in your mind what the actual target is for that session.


18)    Try to remain open the possibility of the viewers getting the target AND OF JUST THE POSSIBILTY OF SOMETHING “NON-PHYSICAL” or interdimensional occurring, (even though the word “non-physical” is vague and difficult to define, just be vaguely open to it anyway ) during the rest of the day.


19) Show, or verbally share, the target to one or two friends or colleges that are open to the possibility that remote viewing can really occur. (They become telepathic beacons to the target.)