Instructions and Explanation for Remote
Viewing Our Practice Targets

Ideal Target Characteristics

How to Give a Target


If you want, E-mail or Fax us a paragraph summary of your results, 
or if you have any neat ideas for new targets!


Until you finish your session, you want to stay blind to what the target is.


We Believe a good remote viewer should practice on a very wide variety of targets not just natural and manmade structures like buildings or natural monuments.

Our targets can be people, beings, animals, objects, structures, events, concepts, relationships, areas, geographical objects.

Targets can be past, present, future, important, mundane, well known, unknown, large, small, microscopic, close, far, verifiable, unverifiable, positive, negative, emotional, non-emotional, esoteric, serious, mundane, light, energetic, static, physical, interdimensional, mythological, concrete, intangible, simple, intricate, this timeline, alternative timelines, this universe, other universes. Impose no limits, belief system or paradigm.  

The only exception is that targets such as one's death or birth, and
extremely traumatic targets (e.g.. Auschwitz, Hiroshima) are NEVER given without general permission of the viewer by first informing you of that possibility. The "main general target pool" has no such targets.

It is highly recommended that you precede any RV session with at least 15 minute of meditation, or other mind settling procedure.

It is also very highly recommended that after a session, you follow a re-grounding procedure E.g. meditation, breathing, walking, gardening, hot bath, yoga etc.

Private individuals are not viewed without their permission.


Given these restrictions, the viewer assumes full responsibility for his responses to target contact.

However, if a viewer leaves a target with feelings that are difficult to manage he is encourage to call, or seek support from a friend. This, of course is not really anticipated to happen often. Most people do just fine with a variety of targets

Remember if you should ever need to, during a session, you can always back off from the emotional aspect of the target, take a break, or just quit. Again, this is not anticipated to happen much. I know of no one who has ever been hurt by doing a session.

Eight digit Target ID numbers are provided for you for that correspond to each different target. (Some are only two digits)

(target ID's are also referred to as "target coordinates" - this has nothing to do with map coordinates)

 Use the Target ID as your "lead in" to the actual target 

you want to stay blind to what the target is.

After you view the target -

click on the Target ID and find out what it is.  

Feel free to have a friend make up more targets for you.

You can also make up a list of 25-50 of your own targets, give the list to a friend who will write each target on a separate sheet and put each sheet in a separate sealed envelope. You, or someone else, can then shuffle the envelopes and then write different random ID numbers on the outside of each envelope. The 8-digit ID numbers can be "out of the blue" or from a random number table.

If your selected photo targets are cut out of magazines, the you must thoroughly cross out whatever is on the back side of the magazine cut out. You can also Xerox the photo to make sure there’s nothing on the back side for you to accidentally view.

Have Fun!



Before your remote view, consider the current


Local Sidereal Time LST is still of less importance than
 you own personal best time PBT during the day. 
Only through experience can you determine your own personal best time. 
PBT will very from person to person. 
I usually do my best at 10 am regular (Solar) time.

LST will change by 4 minutes each day. and will be different 
as the months progress. (E.g. 13:30 LST will sometimes 
in the am and sometimes in the pm.

Click here for link to download your own local
sidereal time clock that runs on your computer

(Astronomy Clock2)

Click Here  immediate online
Sidereal Time Clock (less accurate)

U.S. Naval Observatory's LST calculation page.

(It is recommended that you write down the
current sidereal time before you begin your RV session)


Sidereal time 

is measured relative to the ``fixed stars'' instead of the Sun (Solar Time),
and can be  strongly related to remote viewing accuracy.

The best sidereal time to remote view is: 1330 

(especially when the Milky Way is just below the horizon)



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