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Institute Policy

For Our Valued Remote Viewing Clients:

What to expect if you hire us to do remote view (“target”) a person event, or object for you.

 Thanks for your interest and courage to try something "new" and pioneering.




(Updated 7-20-09)


·         The cost of a remote viewing project is $1500 payable in advance.

·         A project includes, Interviewing, targeting, re-targeting, preparing movement exercises, team remote viewing sessions, analyzing, interpreting & explaining results, faxing, payment of the viewers and record keeping. These can be time consuming and labor intensive.

·        We use a sliding scale for low-income people. We also do a very limited amount of pro bono (free) work.

·         If an object or person (e.g. treasure, mineral deposit, reward) of high value is sought, we also ask for a percentage of the value of that object (or reward) paid after it is found using information obtained from us.


·        All Business and communication is done by phone. (except for the exchange of certain data and sessions that is impractical to share by phone. In those cases, email, fax and postal mail will be used.) All updates will be by phone. This is an intuitive based business and human voice contact is much more conducive to getting intuitive impressions. The client is free to call us anytime by phone if an immediate update is wanted. We will also call you when we have accumulated a certain amount of information during the process.

·        If you want something remote viewed, we put a remote viewing team on it and they collectively do a minimum total of five remote viewing sessions. (An average session is about 20 written pages)

·  More sessions (sometimes five to ten more) are done if it is necessary to get more detailed data. There is no charge for these additional sessions if they are required.

·         You tell us the information you want about a person, event or object and we formulate that information into what is called a "target".

·         A simple target could be: "The current location of John Doe's missing car".  The target is then give an identification number (E.g. # 759) and the remote viewers are told to remote view target # 759. (they are kept blind as to what the target actually is.)

·         One person at the Institute interviews you from 20 to 30 minutes to find out as much information as possible on what exactly you want so that the target can be correctly formulated. Formulating the target is an art in itself

·         As the sessions from the viewers come in, we go over the results with you by phone. We give you our analysis and interpretation so as to give you the most useful and practical information. (We go over the session with you, you cover the cost of the phone call by calling us on our non number.)

·        Copies of the written sessions from the viewers, including useful sketches are sent or faxed to you as needed or ate the end of the project.


·         Requested "sub-targets" or targets that are on different aspects of the same event, person, or object are considered as part of the same project. ( E.g. what car a person may drive, what profession they may be in, their possible health problems etc.) There is no additional charge for  a few sub-targets.

·         We will gladly discuss what constitutes a sub-target with you and will discuss the number of sub-targets that will be used as part of the same project.  A higher fee will be charged for projects with a large number of sub-targets.

·        Targets that are on altogether different events, people or objects will be considered a separate project and an additional $300 - $400 charge will be requested in advance. We will gladly discuss what exactly would constitute a separate project.


·         Our main purpose is to facilitate your growth and well being by providing useful, practical and necessary information. We do this will good will and with the ethics of " Do harm to no one" and View unto others as you would have others view unto you.) We will not do targets we think are unethical or harmful.

·         We do not object to your making money with the information we give you as long as that is not your main motivation in life.

·         We are open-minded people of good will who basically want to support you, and earn a living doing something which we find most fascinating.

·         We are not a "psychic friends network" and we may not take targets that may be done out of a need to control or manipulate. We are not voyeuristic and we do not spy on people unless there is a valid ethical reason. We are willing to discuss anything with you, to clarify the issues. We try to respect the privacy of others and try to get permission from a living person being viewed either psychically or directly, unless there is an overriding reason not to.  If we get a sense that we are prying unwelcomed into someone’s life and that it’s none of our business, then we will back off.

·         For some personal targets, some of the viewers may get information that the client may need to hear in addition to what the client may want to hear.

·         We will be very hesitant to take on projects that may endanger our viewers or us. For example, we would hesitate to take a target that requires viewing of inter-dimensional entities of “low vibration” or of evil. We would hesitate to view members of organized crime or drug cartels.


·        Projects usually take about 4-12 weeks (this is a general estimate) to do unless there are stricter time limitations required by you or your target and these limitations are verbally agreed on beforehand. (a “strict deadline agreement”) Just let s know that you require a strict deadline agreement. In some cases there will be an additional charge for a “strict deadline agreement”

·        We can also do immediate emergency viewing projects for an added charge. The charge will depend on how busy we are with other projects at the time. In this case we can give you a great deal of data in a week or two.

·         Completion times given are only estimates, unless there is an additional strict deadline agreement made beforehand.

·         Occasionally (rarely) a project has taken over five months to complete so, unless stricter time limits are previously agreed on, please be patient. Realize it takes time to prepare the targets for the viewers, give them time to do an adequate number of sessions, and analyze and interpret there sessions. Also, realize many original targets have to be re-targeted (by being rephrased using information form previous sessions) in order to zoom in on the "bulls eye".  Retargeting takes more time!

·         Realize that we may be working with other client on other projects and targets at the same time that we are working on yours. The number of clients we have at any one time is also a time factor.


Expectations, Cautions and Exceptions (you should know what kind of information to expect):

·        We cannot guarantee 100 percent accuracy and that all the data is absolutely correct. No remote viewer can honestly do so. Nothing is clearly absolute, rather it is probabilistic. When we go over a particular piece of data with you, we will tell you if it appears slightly probable (or possible), highly probable or in-between. The data will vary along a probabilistic spectrum. This is a subjective call based on past experience interpreting this kind of data.

·        We cannot guarantee that if we see that an event in the future is probable, it will have to happen. The future is only probabilistic and is not written in stone. We may do our job with out a hitch, but that does not mean a future event will happen. We will try to assign the most accurate probability to an events happening when giving our data to you.

·         Some targets by there very nature may evoke vague and esoteric data from viewer. (E.g. one's optimal time for maximum personal and spiritual growth)

·        Some potential data by its nature is nearly impossible or very difficult to verify. (E.g. “the original construction techniques of the pyramids” or “the assassins of JFK”)

·        There is a spectrum in the data from the very vague to the highly specific. Data usually falls someplace in-between the range from the very highly specific to the very vague. When we first begin a project sessions are usually more vague, and get more specific as more sessions are done and as re-targeting is done.

·        Degree of vagueness and specificity is hard to objectify and is partly a judgment call. 

o       Very specific information would be proper  names, street names, street addresses, city names, and numbers. (Most RV information is not this specific) We may or may not get information that is this specific. Remote viewing is more about describing than naming.

o       Specific information: for example, the description of a structure might include things like size, color, shape, composition, vegetation, nearby landmarks such as gas station or lake, most likely part of the country, state, or city, most likely area within a city, etc., etc. (good accurate Sketches are sometimes included.) The description of a person might include things like facial features, (often sketches) hair color, type of work done, type of clothes, emotional condition, intensions, etc.

o       Vague information would be  “mountains’, “warm”,  or “ill” with out any additional qualifiers or descriptors. The first part of most all remote viewing sessions starts with very vague single words and gradually moves to the more specific descriptors or phases towards the end.

·        Usefulness of information is partly a matter of the client’s efforts (and sometimes a little bit of luck). For example, the client may have to look on maps, or ask around or drive around a bit to try to pinpoint any landmarks and structures described. The possibility exists that we may give a lot of specifics you can’t immediately find useful because you currently cant travel to possible locations.

·        Sometimes the data suggests more than one possibly or location. For example, two viewers can get different results. In that case, we will give you the data for both possible scenarios or locations. We’ll do our best to tell you the most likely one. We emphasize what data is in common between all the viewers.

·        We will go over all data with you on the phone and give you our best interpretation of it. (You will be faxed or sent the sessions but the interpretation of the data is only done over the phone with you so take careful notes at this time)

FULL OR PARTIAL REFUNDS                                                         

·         Please keep in mind; we’re not here to be legalistic about any thing or to cheat anyone, because we want repeat customers and good word of mouth advertising. We believe it is helpful to you to know what to expect and to know we are of good will and hopefully not sound too much like lawyers.

·         The data will, for most all targets, not just be lot of useless vague generalizations that some psychics may provide.

·        We do guarantee to provide a “good amount” relatively specific data. (See examples above.) If all we get is very vague data (see above examples), then your money will be fully refunded. (This has never happened)  If all the data is in-between, vague and specific then there will be a partial refund (This has happened only once)

·         We realize that the phrase” a good amount” is a judgment call. Realize, however, that we know that it is in our best interest to have satisfied customers and we will do our best do what is fair and agreeable to all parties, if any such problem does occur. We would certainly be willing to discuss a problem fairly if one arose (such a problem has never happened). We may choose to re-target the project again until more data that is specific is obtained. Any negotiation is to be done by phone.

·        If most of the relevant and important data turns out to be definitely proven grossly in error, (this cannot apply to targeting of future or the past) then part of your money will be refunded. For example, you want us to locate someone and to know their condition, and we do locate that person for you but say they have definitely died and later they turn out to be alive. In this case, some of your money would be refunded.

      Please keep in mind that "lack of verification is not verification of lack." For example: if something is not found near the landmarks given, it doesn't necessarily mean it is not there. Also, if certain gross detection equipment cannot find something, it does not mean it is not there. On the other hand, we are not perfect and sometimes we are wrong and have no problem saying we were wrong when proven clearly proven so.

·        Any data given to the client that is not directly relevant to the information requested by the client shall have no bearing on decisions related to refunds.

·        Minor inaccuracies, variations in data from viewer to viewers, inaccuracies that were explained as only moderate to low probabilities, will have little or no bearing on decisions related to refunds.


·        If a person or object is found, without information from us, prior to the completion of a project then the client is only charged for work done


·        In the event, we do not complete a project by four months, and there is no additional strict deadline agreement, and the client needs to terminate services at that time, the client will only be charged for work done


·        In the event we do not complete a project by a time previously agreed upon in a additional strict deadline agreement and the client needs to terminate services at that time the client will only be charged for work done.

Give us a call if you have any further questions. 425-488-5496






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