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New MAIN TARGET POOL - Newest,  with over 1000 high rez targets!!!!!

Seattle Area "Warriors of the Heart" Remote Viewing Team Recruitment

New Workshop: "Transformational Aspects of Integral Remote Viewing"

New Workshop Format

Seattle Area Remote Viewing Team Recruitment

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Announcement: Free Down Load of the latest Advanced Remote Viewing Template (WordXP doc A large step in improving RV techniques! LIMITED TIME ONLY.  Also available to down load  is a remote viewing session mini tool kit to aid during the sessions.

A Short Model of Consciousness

Myths and Misconceptions in Remote Viewing

The Zen of Remote Viewing


  • Click here to be guided through a mini RV session (real audio)

  • Remote Viewing For Intimacy Couples Workshop

  • Remote viewing for children

  • "Interdimesionality" in our daily lives 

  • "Truth Buttons" What are they?

  • Streamlined RV Protocols for "Front Loaded" Targets

  • Remote Viewing - Empowering The Third Eye  A New Book By Dr Carr