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 Remote Viewing Targeting Services:

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by some world class remote viewers?

  • people
  • places
  • objects
  • events
  • data
  • anywhere in time and space   


 Do you need to know?

  • The location and condition of a missing person, child or object
  • Future potential markets in a certain area
  • The cause of an event or disaster
  • The future effects of  a particular event (e.g. global warming)
  • Other potential future events,
  • Historical events and information,
  • Possible medical diagnostic considerations (we don't diagnose)
  • Personal family history and events
  • Unsolved cases or mysteries
  • Missing technical data
  • The outcome of upcoming events
  • The effects of a personal decision
  • The  location  of mineral or petroleum deposits
  • Etc. etc. -- the potential appears to be almost unlimited

The Western Institute of Remote Viewing

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Get important information or data on something or someone, or any event, place,  object or process that would be otherwise inaccessible.  Consider using remote viewing -- seriously, possibly one of mankind’s most powerful new tools.

Trained remote viewers are able to experience, feel, see, and describe, detailed and accurate information on any event, person, being, place, process or object that has ever existed, does exist, or will exist.  

Could you, or your company, use or benefit from, this kind of new, rare, unique and scientifically based service?
Seriously consider how you or your company could use remote viewing.
Remote viewing, used almost exclusively over the past 20 years for military espionage, is now available in the pubic sector for more creative uses!

Who uses remote viewers? Private individuals, major corporations, small companies, US governmental agencies, foreign governments, the United Nations, law enforcement agencies, people open to taking a pioneering risk to explore something in a new unconventional way.

Historically, remote viewing was developed at Stanford Research Institute for the army and the Defense Intelligence Agency. It was used in a secret espionage program for 20 years. This is why few people had heard of remote viewing until about 3 years ago when the government went public on “Night Line”. Protocols have now been refined to allow trained remote viewers consistent detailed accuracy. Remote viewing could be considered a distant cousin to some other psychic disciplines, with the main difference being the extremely high and consistent accuracy. “Teams” of remote viewers can approach 100% accuracy! A single remote viewing usually takes about an hour or more. During this time, one can become “bilocated” and have strong “target” contact with all of ones senses. One does not go into a trance, “astral travel” or “channel” an outside force. A target can be in the past present or future. This is not some kind of “psychic network”; rather it is a serious scientific technique for exploration.

The full potential of remote viewing for exploration are largely unexplored. It is not an exaggeration that it could be one of mankind’s greatest tools and greatest frontiers. The uses of  remote viewing are just now being developed. medical remote viewing is now being developed to provide accurate diagnoses and to sense underling emotional and spiritual problems. In addition, some remote viewers are actually claiming to be working on projects involving transferring technology from other civilizations to our own. Seriously consider how you or your company could use remote viewing. Think of the possibilities.

Skeptical?  Remote viewing is a serious, scientific, real technique. Verifiable “targets” are “hit” getting detailed non-vague information, in real double blind conditions.  New controlled research, actually set up with help of  debunkers and magicians, will be available in a few months showing highly significant results. Old research at Stanford Research Institute has now been declassified. Also new research will be coming out in major journals, suggesting how the brain can access quantum fields. Remote viewing dovetails easily with clear critical thinking. It involves awareness of, and use of, one’s most subtle senses and intuitions. Because this is a new field that understandably evokes skepticism and a difficult change in paradigm, an initial demonstration of accuracy, for you or your company, relating to your inquiry, can be arranged in certain circumstances at little or no charge.

At present, there are roughly about 5000  remote viewers in the world (and maybe 50 really good ones) and just a handful of places to learn. There is some potential for an “explosion” of remote viewing in our society which could help deeply change it. Remote Viewing Associates attempt to be ethical and in most circumstances attempts to respects the rights and privacy of others. In general, we believe one should “view unto others as you would have others view unto you”. A certain percentage of our remote viewing sessions are done without charge (pro bono) to help disaster victims and to contribute to the betterment of humanity. Suggested reading on remote viewing is Remote Viewers by Jim Schnabel. The time for remote viewing in the public arena has now come and is available first to those with the courage and foresight to try it.

(Business Remote Viewing, and Numbers Remote Viewing,  procedures specifically for business and finance are also being developed.)

Do you want more information on remote viewing?  We're willing to work with you.  

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