Psychological Remote Viewing (PRV)

PRV involves the use of remote viewing for psychological assessment, and for psychotherapy. It has the potential to locate, identify and experience trauma, defenses, fears, conscious and unconscious thought process and content, and conscious and unconscious emotional process and content.

Workshop on

Psychological Remote Viewing

Itís Current and Potential Uses for Individual Exploration, Growth, Healing, Assessment and Therapy


Wayne E. Carr, Ph.D.
Licensed Psychologist,

This presentation and/or workshop is of interest to anyone interested in personal emotional and spiritual growth and exploration, as well as of interest to healers and therapists.

We will cover the current and potential uses of remote viewing (and related techniques) in psychology, psychotherapy, personal & spiritual growth and self-awareness. We will look at using remote viewing techniques for a) accessing the personal unconscious and life events, for comprehensive deep mind probes, b) for various psychotherapeutic processes, c) for couples and communication, d) for powerful psychological assessment, e) for using the power of spiritual targets as a way of spawning growth and change.


Because of itís power and suitability for (ethically) probing human consciousness, it may be inevitable that remote viewing technology will eventually help transform and revolutionize many fields within psychology and psychotherapy and will become an essential element within these fields. By applying both older, and more recently developed and refined remote viewing techniques to either oneís self, to oneís clients, or to powerful spiritual targets (e.g. the Buddha) it appears possible to facilitate psychological growth, healing and assessment. These techniques and their results will be discussed.


In early 1977 Dr. Carr developed specialized procedures and techniques for both psychological and medical remote viewing. Over the last three years he has evolved and refined these techniques, through the teaching of over a hundred remote viewing workshops in the US and Europe, through working with individuals & couples, and through working with himself. (Dr. Carr has attempted to make it very clear to his remote viewing clients that his role and ethical obligations as a remote viewers are kept entirely separate from his role as a licensed psychologist. Comprehensive signed informed consent forms are also used)

Although no sophisticated controlled studies and analyses have yet been done, the results of these procedures and techniques have been very impressive. The assessment tool and comprehensive mind probe appears to provide highly detailed and accurate results. These assessment and mind probe techniques results will be discussed. (Obviously there is much room for more controlled research in these areas)

Viewers (in both blind and front loaded conditions) who accesses themselves, their unconscious, their spouse, or a spiritual target, often report deeply moving, insightful and life changing experiences. For example, one sophisticated woman in Orlando reported she had gone more deeply into herself in one 20 minute procedure than she had ever go in her entire life. These processes can be dovetailed well with other "working through" processes already used by the therapeutic community. These techniques involve sketching, probing and matrices sometime integrated with art therapy techniques.(as well as with many more highly sophisticated techniques that Dr. Carr has developed)

For certain of these therapeutic remote viewing techniques, accuracy and the ability to confirm accuracy become secondary to the therapeutic effect of the session itself. For example, the Buddha, a "light being" or God does not have to exist in a verifiable form for the session to be deeply moving and therapeutic. Deep tears of joy and relief are a very, very common response.

Dr. Carr will discuss and describe the specific use of psychological removing and related techniques:

(under blind or front loaded conditions, as well as, under appropriate supportive conditions),


Using comprehensive mind probes and other techniques for accessing ones own (or anotherís) personal unconscious to discover oneís inner fears longing, unmet needs. childhood trauma etc.

Remote viewing major life events in oneís past or future (e.g. oneís birth)

Mutual remote viewing of oneís spouse to increased understanding, empathy and communication

Accessing very early childhood events and memories.

Accessing and describing oneís inner dynamics, impasses, blocks, blind spots

Accessing ones own and others defenses.

Comprehensive Probing and distinguishing all the different layers of the mind and personality from the outer facade to the authentic inner core

Accessing oneís current or childhood family and itís family dynamics.

Promoting emotional release, working through and healing.

Remote viewing optimal timelines leading to optimal emotional/spiritual growth and development

Accessing oneís and others interdimensional or spiritual aspects

Using Spiritual targets to promote growth and healing.

Potentially remote viewing future and past lives.

Using remote viewing for assessment e.g.: personality traits, dangerousness to self or others, depression, anxiety, thought disorder, organic or medical factors, intentionality, fears, longings etc.

Using Remote Viewing to Explore the overall dynamics of mental disorders such as schizophrenia.

Checking out the possibility of child abuse to aid asking the asking appropriate questions, and to aid in the finding location of injuries,

Dr. Carr will discuss the extremely important and neglected role of unconscious defenses in remote viewing sessions. As one gains target contact during a session, the target material inevitably interacts with the pool of unconscious material within the viewer resulting in varied defensive responses, one of which is shutting down the aperture. For example, a person terrified of the water may have a strong defensive response to remote viewing a lake and may also create a drowning storyline. These kind of responses teach us what our defenses are and when brought to awareness can potentially be used very fruitfully in a psychotherapeutic process.

The ethical and appropriate use of Psychological Remote Viewing and mind probes will also be discussed. (Dr. Carr has coined the phrase "view unto others as you would have others view unto you"). He will discuss the appropriate selection of participants who are most likely to be able to benefit from, cope with, and integrate their remote viewing experience. The appropriate support monitoring for during and after (follow up) a person has remote viewed themselves, their spouse or a spiritual target will also be discussed. The types of people who my be overwhelmed by certain targets will also be discussed. The issue of remote influencing as well as remote psychological healing will covered if there is time.

With the encouragement of Dr. David Morehouse Dr. Carr has also been looking at teaching remote viewing techniques to people with symptoms of schizophrenia as a way of helping them modulate and control the input from themselves and others that they are, of course, flooded with. Dr. Carr had also conducted sessions doing mind probes of schizophrenics with the intention of finding the structure and dynamics of the dysfunction. These and similar techniques offer a way of revolutionizing the way we understand and define and treat mental illness! These techniques and their results will be discussed.

Dr. Carr has also tried to address the problem of distinguishing telepathic overlay and story line from the remote viewing data which, of course, becomes very blurred when doing mind probes. He has developed some techniques to help determine the source and validity of the "download". Further research on this subject is, of course, necessary.

If there is time, Dr. Carr will discuss the possible therapeutic uses of the experience of bilcaotion and the importance of using the remote viewing process as a way of enhancing balance in oneís life as opposed to using it in such a way as to inadvertently contribute to their imbalance (as some good viewers have). He will discuss the importance of keeping remote viewing activity in balance with attention to oneís emotions, thoughts, intellect, spirituality, body & health, nutrition and social life & relationships.

If done as a Presentation, a 90 minute block would be preferable however one hour is feasible.

If done as a Workshop, then 2-4 hours would be requested. The participants could just get their feet wet experientially, In the workshop, participants would, experientially participate in processes similar to the above mentioned processes. These processes will be: 1) tailored to very mild, safe and appropriate for the participants in the time allotted, and 2) that were of particular interest to the participants. (Obviously we wonít be targeting anything heavy duty like childhood trauma). For example, as part of a process, the participants could draw a "felt sense" experienced within their own body, draw it, draw its dynamics and probe their drawing ect. Appropriate time would be provided for the viewers to discuss or process any material after the expedience. Participants at any time could end participation if desired without a problem. A informed consent form would be given out and signed before the workshop.