Medical Remote Viewing


Remote viewing is an extremely powerful teachable psychic-intuitive technique that can be used by healing practitioners for amazing, accurate, detailed and splendid medical diagnosis and assessment.  This includes information that defies detection by usual means.  In addition, the field of remote medicine offers the potential of strengthening or awakening our abilities to promote healing at a distance.  Because of its power, medical remote viewing has the potential of becoming an absolutely integral part of standard medical practice in the future.  Medical remote viewing techniques dovetail well with the medical intuitive techniques used by Carolyn Myss, shamans and other spiritual healers.


This clear, step by step techniques offers the practitioner the ability to view the whole individual as an integrated physical, emotional, mental, spiritual system.  It also allows the view to target specific organs, tissue, microscopic cellular activity, specific body systems, injuries, energy blockages, weaknesses, charka energies, and psychological-emotional components.  Remote viewers are so specific they have even been able to name specific genes that were suspect in a genetic disease (in double blind conditions). Because remote viewing transcends space and time, the viewer-practitioner has the ability to target potential future diseases, treatments, cures, prevention, and prognosis for both individuals and groups.  Alternative timelines can be targeted to show the likely medical outcome if a treatment or operation is preformed as well as the likely medical outcome if not performed.


The sky is no longer the limit for people who want to be pioneers in developing new uses for remote viewing in the field of medicine.  Add this powerful new tool to your healing skills.


Dr Wayne E. Carr advanced professional remote viewer, is Executive Director of the Western Institute of Remote Viewing, and is also a licensed psychologist, with a background in meditation, Gestalt therapy, critical thinking, neurofeedback and respiration training. Dr. Carr has helped develop a learn-by-doing technology to teach remote viewing more rapidly and efficiently.