Who are we and  what are we about??


The Western Institute of Remote Viewing
- Founded March 1997

The International Association of Remote Viewers - IARV
(Formally the American Association of Remote Viewers - AARV)

Founded  May 1996
Jim Marrs co-founder
Past President: David Morehouse

(Jim Marrs and David Morehouse are currently doing their own thing and are not currently formally associated with AARV or WIRV)

   Wayne Carr Ph.D.
Licensed Psychologist, Executive Director
AARV Certified Remote Viewer
Please note: Dr Carr's  professional role, responsibilities and ethical obligations as a licensed psychologist are kept entirely separate from my role as a remote viewer and instructor


"It's hard to walk where there is no road, but you find yourself in places no map could ever take you"

 The time for remote viewing in the public arena has now come and is available first to those with the courage, perseverance and foresight to try it.

 When taught correctly, the viewer stays well grounded in reality, with greatly enhanced intuitive skills. It can create more balance in one's life.  It can greatly satisfy one's sense of wonder and curiosity as well as give extremely valuable information.

When taught incorrectly, the viewer can end up with many unsubstantiated claims and beliefs as his own, and others, personal issues, defenses, fears and beliefs get mixed up with his actual viewing. When not taught as a disciple to help to be in balance with one's heart mind and soul, remote viewing can be potentially de-stabilizing. 

It is also possible to "download" information from many different "sources" when one is attempting remote viewing. Some of these sources can be highly inaccurate. For example, it is possible to download information derived only from the collective fears of a group of people or of our society in general. As the millennium approaches the "field" becomes contaminated with peoples fears and believes about what might happen. It is then possible to pick up on these beliefs and fears, while attempting remote viewing, and interpret them as real events.

Dr. Carr's background in psychology has made it more possible to identify, and take into account, many important factors to enhance remote viewing and to avoid some of the pitfalls that even some of the self-proclaimed best remote viewers have fallen into. 

With so many people making all sorts of predictions, now is especially the time for an integration of intuitive, critical thinking, and "grounding" skills. If we are really to discern the truth we must stay grounded, especially in our feelings. 

To survive we need our eyes and ears working with (in congruence with) our hearts and minds in the here and now, in a context of spirit and good will.

The real journey has only just begun !

After twenty plus years, Remote Viewing is still in its babyhood! Contrary to what some believe, ninety nine percent of its applications have yet to be developed. Current remote viewing protocols and technologies have only begun to scratch the surface of its potential. Future technologies will be developed that will dwarf all current remote viewing activities (private or governmental). WIRV & AARV intend to be two of the organizations on the forefront of this transformation. 

Remote Viewing is much more than a dry, tedious, dogmatic problem solving, data gathering process. It can be a very profound personal, sometimes intimate experience. This does not make it incomparable with the best science and critical thinking. If you want a new frontier to explore, and a new way to grow, this is it. You're welcome to join us. You can count on us to stay around. 

We try to add a human, caring touch, as well as professionalism to what we do.  We find the apparent egotism, authoritarianism, absolute claims, and need to control, displayed by some (certainly not all) of the first generation of remote viewers a big turn off. Luckily there is new generation of remote viewers emerging, who's attitude is based more on collaboration, cooperation, and the integrating of the truly scientific with the intuitive.

Remote Viewing is One of Mankind's Greatest New Frontiers and Most Powerful New Tools Using the Mind and Spirit. Remote viewing's potential for growth, healing and exploration is almost unfathomable. It is not an exaggeration that it could be one of mankind's greatest tools and greatest frontiers. Consider coming if you consider yourself (or want to be) a pioneer or explorer of new worlds and new frontiers.

Remote viewing enables one to potentially experience, feel, see, and describe, detailed and accurate information on any event, person, being, place, or object that has ever existed, does exist, or will exist. (It can take days just to grasp the implications of this.) Examples of events that can be remote viewed are: the TWA  flight 800 crash, the effects of global warming 10 years from now, the Christ, the Buddha, ones birth.

Sadly, Many of the first generation remote viewers, have shied away from such esoteric targets as the Christ, Buddha or other spiritual beings and events, because these targets cannot be verified physically. These people have too narrowly defined the purpose and scope of remote viewing. Whether or not these kind of targets can be physically verified is less important than the fact that they are associated with extremely powerful energy which, if experienced, can be growth producing, and even life changing.

RV is an energy intensive discipline that teaches you to stay totally with your subtle senses in a pure and innocent way. It helps you make some fundamental distinctions between your real intuitive senses, your imagination, and your analysis. It has been said that well-trained remote viewers can go beyond any psychic that has ever lived. It offers the potential of a very deep way of integrating spirit, mind, and body, especially when combined with other disciplines for growth. (e.g. meditation, prayer, martial arts among many others).  Remote viewing may totally and positively change and expand your view of consciousness and reality. This is probably beyond anything you might have previously experienced or thought.

Western Institute of
Remote Viewing

Extraordinarily Powerful New INTUITIVE - PSYCHIC TECHNIQUES

For Medicine, Healing, Medical Diagnostic Considerations, Spiritual - Emotional Growth & Development, Enhancement of Intuition, Communication, Exploration of Events, People, Future Timelines, Spiritual Masters, Physics, Business/Markets, Genetics, History, Psychology, Mysteries, the Unconscious, the Universe, Yourself.

Learning Remote Viewing is to natural psychic ability (which everyone has) as learning to read music is to musical ability. They both empower you, give you pacing and structure and allow you go much further than you could have ever gone with out them.

No matter who you are, learning Remote Viewing represents a quantum leap in your intuitive and psychic discernment. Come learn remote viewing with us! Training includes Workshops, Lectures, and Home Study Programs. It has been said that a well-trained remote viewer can go beyond any psychic that has ever lived. Different than what is usually thought of as psychic. Developed at Stanford, this technique offers a new and deep way of integrating spirit, mind, and body.  Experience it for yourself and add a powerful new tool to your repertoire of abilities.

Taught by a psychologist -   scientist, critical thinker, intuitive healer, therapist.   This is a serious, authentic and powerful method. This and similar methods will inevitably radically change medicine, psychology and many other fields as we know them. It has to eventually radically change them because RV is for real and it works! Join us to be on the forefront of this inevitable change.

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Intuitive & Psychic Enhancement, Integration, Discrimination & Accuracy Training.