The Western Institute of Remote Viewing
In Association with
Remote Viewing Associates


The American Association of Remote Viewers - AARV


Authentic, Professional, Innovative, In-depth Training and Services
Beginning, Advanced Workshops, Home Study and

Teaching Several Types of Remote Viewing

in  Effective Innovative Ways for: Very Practical Uses, Specific Data and Knowledge, Exploration, Enhancement of Intuition, for Personal and Spiritual Growth & Understanding, and the Betterment of Humanity:


General Remote Viewing, Medical Remote Viewing, Psychological Remote Viewing, Therapeutic Remote Viewing, Conceptual Remote Viewing, Integral Remote Viewing, Free-style "soft" Remote Viewing, and Mini-sessions.


Teaching through: Workshops, Videoconferencing on the Net, Private Individual Training and Session Monitoring by Phone,  Session feedback, by phone & Fax, Lectures, Demonstrations and Tapes

 After twenty some years, Remote Viewing is still in it's babyhood! Contrary to what some believe, ninety nine percent of it's uses have yet to be developed. Current remote viewing protocols and technologies have only begun to scratch the surface of it's potential. In the future, new technologies will be developed that will dwarf all current remote viewing activities.

WIRV is of the organizations on the forefront of this transformation.