The Western Institute of Remote Viewing

The American Association of Remote Viewers, Inc.


Suggested Readings in Remote Viewing

(in order of recommendation)


Remote Viewing Secrets by Joe McMoneagle this is the current RV Bible.
(Hampton Roads Publishing, 2000)    

Mind Trek; Exploring Consciousness, Time, and Space Through Remote Viewing
by Joe McMoneagle
  (Hampton Roads Publishing, 1993)    (A must, and is also highly recommended for beginners!)

Psychic Warrior
by David Morehouse (St. Martin's Press, 1996) (A very good account of a personal, but atypical RV experiences of a military remote viewer.)

The Home Study Program (Western Institute of Remote Viewing)
By Wayne Carr, Ph.D. (Of course, I highly recommend it, to learn RV properly and in depth. It contains twelve 90 min. audio cassettes and 300 printed pages.)

Cosmic Voyage; A Scientific Discovery of Extraterrestrials Visiting Earth
by Courtney Brown, Ph.D. (Dutton, 1995)    (Fascinating and inspiring, but, most of his claims have never been verified.)

Cosmic ….?
by Courtney Brown, Ph.D.   (Fascinating and inspiring, but, most of his claims have never been verified.)

Tracks in the Psychic Wilderness; An Exploration of ESP, Remote Viewing, Precognitive Dreaming
by Dale Graff (1998) (Good history and intro. to RV.)

Remote Viewers; The Secret History of America's Psychic Spies
 by Jim Schnabel (Dell Paperback, 1997) (The best book on the history of RV in the Military.)

The Conscious Universe; The Scientific Truth of Psychic Phenomena by Dean Radin, Ph.D. (Harper Edge, 1997) (Very highly recommended for those who want evidence & research, blows skeptics and debunkers out of the water! A landmark book that put all the research together.)

Remote Perceptions, By Angela Thompson Smith  (Angela has a broad, general and scientifically conservative perspective.)
(Hampton Roads Publishing, 1998)    

The Ultimate Time Machine, By Joseph McMoneagle

Miracles of Mind: Exploring Non-Local Consciousness and Spiritual Healing
By Russell Targ & Jane Katra

Skip Atwater is coming out with a new RV Book soon.

Advanced HCA – Human Cognitive Abilities  By Beverly Jaegers
(Aries Productions 1999)

Mind-Reach by Russell Targ and Hall Puthoff (Delta)  & Delacorte Press, 1977(out of print)

Mind Race  by Targ, Russell and Harary, Keith, , Villard Books, 1984 (out of print)

Natural ESP by Ingo Swan (out of print)

Intensions Prudence Calabrese

Remote Viewing-The ESP of Espionage by Turan Rifat (Nexus Magazine, vol.3 no. 6, Oct-Nov 1996)

The Alien Agenda by Jim Mars (has a chapter on remote viewing.)

UFO's and the Alien Agenda
By Jim Marrs

The Enigma Files : The True Story of America's Psychic Warfare Program
by Jim Marrs Harmony Books ISBN: 0517597551

Remote Viewing, Toward a Conceptual Frame work of Understanding.
By Ray Bordon

Monitor Structural Handbook
 By Ray Bordon

Remote Viewing Workbook
By Ray Bordon