The Western Institute of Remote Viewing

Potential and Current Uses For Remote Viewing


  1. The location and condition of a missing person, child or object
  2. Future potential markets in a certain area
  3. The cause of an event or disaster
  4. The future effects of  a particular event (e.g. global warming)
  5. Other potential future events,
  6. Historical events and information,
  7. Possible medical diagnostic considerations
  8. Personal family history and events
  9. Unsolved cases or mysteries
  10. Missing technical data
  11. The outcome of upcoming events
  12. The effects of a personal decision
  13. The  location  of mineral or petroleum deposits
  14. Deep Mind Probes (with permission)
  15. Medical Diagnosis
  16. Healing
  17. Possible solutions to problems
  18. Medical Research
  19. Contact with loving spiritual beings
  20. Potential cures & treatments
  21. Past lives
  22. Microscopic structures
  23. Sub atomic particles
  24. Past & future art & music
  25. Future lives
  26. ET exploration and contact
  27. Animal communication
  28. Contacting souls
  29. Computer systems
  30. Technology Transfer
  31. Naming Defective genes
  32. Lottery (takes months & months of practice with slow learning curve for most people)
  33. Communication and empathy
  34. Psychotherapy & marital counseling (spouses can remote view each other)
  35. Determining dangerousness or risks
  36. Exploring alternative timelines
  37. self-exploration
  38. creative ideas
  39. Developing empathy and communication between couples (see "Brain Storm")
  40. Uncovering unconscious material
  41. Determining if child or elder abuse has occurred (to give an investigator ideas as to where to look and what questions to ask)
  42. General and specific industrial and technical uses.
  43. Contacting patients in a coma. 

Etc. etc. -- the potential appears to be almost unlimited

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