"Discern truth, trust intuition, stay grounded"
Dr. Wayne Carr


The Spiritual Potential of Remote Viewing (Remote Sensing)

It is possible for an individual to remote view spiritual targets such as: God, the Christ, the Buddha, other spiritual masters, light beings, angelic beings, the first moment of creation, the nature of the universe, the future evolution of humanity, one's own optimal time line for spiritual development, past fantastic spiritual events, future spiritual events, one's relationship to God, other dimensions, ancient civilizations etc. Who or what you choose to remote view depends on your own passion, curiosity, and spiritual path.

Remote viewing is a teachable psychic-like technique that most people can learn. It creates the potential to deeply experience and described anyone or anything in this universe and apparently any other plane or universe.  Remote viewing's use as a spiritual technique is only a few years old and its full potential in the realm of spirituality is still being discovered.

Remote viewing was originally used for 20 years by our military for psychics spying. Now, even one of the fathers of remote viewing, the well-known physicist Russell Targ, is emphasizing using remote viewing in a more spiritual context.


What Do Spiritual Remote Viewers Experience?

The beauty of remote viewing is that it is offers the possibility of a much more direct, pure and accurate psychic experience.  This means that it can take us spirituality well beyond mere belief, and well beyond interpretations of often vague personal experiences. People who learn to remote view spiritual targets can have direct, lucid, deeply moving, life changing, and healing experiences.

When one is in the direct undistorted presence of powerful compassionate loving energies as the Christ or Buddha, one cannot help but take some of that energy inside oneself. These wondrous, hour long, experiences can have positive effects that people can experience and assimilate months later!  Often after a spiritual remote viewing session, one will have profound and interesting dreams. These experiences can help heal and transform the soul.

It is not uncommon to burst out in tears of joy during a spiritual remote viewing session. For example, at the end of a session, one woman had drawn a beautiful detailed sketch of the Buddha sitting cross-legged. At that time, her contact with the Buddha was profound and she had a clear vision of the Buddha laughing at her and saying to her "You finally got it!" At that moment she burst into tears of joy and deep understanding. At these times, two-way communication is often possible. It is also very common for students to report during these times of joyous tears that their experience was far beyond any words they could ever use. 

One man, after remote viewing God, decided to devote his life to remote viewing.  I have never seen anyone in a more blissful state. This man later became world-class remote viewer. And has done many spiritual targets.

In advance classes, viewers will sometimes remote view the death of an individual or group of individuals. If one remote views the entire process of dying, then one moves beyond physical death to the incredibly blissful and peaceful transition that most people have after their soul leaves the body. One can perceive the fascinating and beautiful inter-dimensional energetics and processes that surround these events. Death is directly perceived as something not to be feared.

Another man, while remote viewing the future spiritual event known as the "Rapture", was looking at a group of people gathered the desert waiting, while looking at this future gathering of people he made eye contact with another remote viewer in the group and they immediately recognized each other as remote viewers and to his great surprise, made profound and moving contact.

Prior to my own learning of remote viewing, I had many deep spiritual experiences from my experience with meditation. However, when I did my own first spiritual target I remember the impression that this was beyond anything that I had ever imagined possible. It was literally outside anything I had ever imagined or conceived.

Often students will report the most profound spiritual experience of their life. When these experiences go so far beyond words, the only thing one can honestly do is just invite someone to try it for themselves. Even at this level of contact, we are only just scratching the surface of the huge potential use of remote viewing in the realm of spirituality.


What is Often Missing From Many Peoples Spiritual Experience.

Many spiritual people, of course, do have had deeply moving experiences without using remote viewing, however, these experiences are sometimes vague, and are often haphazard or not under their control. These experiences are almost always intermixed with stuff from their own imagination, their personal unconscious, their own intellectual interpretation, or their own belief system.

People are often not sure how much an experience was real and pure, and how much just came from their imagination, hopes and fears. They are not sure how to get a "pure signal". A great many people long for a tool that gives them the structure, distinctions, and techniques that allows them to get a pure and accurate spiritual experience that is more under their control.


Beginners Mind.

Even experienced natural psychics and those who have practiced other spiritual disciplines for many years, who take remote viewing training, have experiences that are different than they expected. One must approach remote viewing with "beginner's mind", putting aside and not limiting one's self with, any previous experiences, beliefs and biases.

Essentially, to remote view is to ask the question: What kind of subtle impressions what I get, if I gently intended to experience a spiritual being or an event? And what if, during this hour-long process, I put aside any preconceptions, biases, beliefs, memories, analysis, or attempts to make sense, so that I could discover what is new in a brand new way.  This is not easy in a world of entrenched beliefs and dogma; it takes practice. The new age movement is far from immune to rigid beliefs and dogma.


The Third Eye

How does remote viewing enable one to get such a pure undistorted experience or signal? Remote viewing provides specific training and practice to distinguish between the real intuitive or spiritual impressions, one's own imagination, one's own feelings, and one's own intellectual overlays and biases that distort what is real. We learn how to correctly attend to our subtle senses.

When our third eye or "aperture" is attended to in this way, something remarkable happens. It begins to respond to this attention by dilating and opening wider and wider. A “snowball effect” is created as we attend to each new pure impression. It is as if the third eye has been waiting all one's life to be attended to in this way so that it can open up completely. One opens to this powerful movement to moment flow of unexpected discoveries.

With practice, one also learns to modulate the third eye. This learning to modulate of the third eye can also be very helpful for the many people who go through life flooded or overloaded with psychic impressions, and have difficulty turning these impressions off.


The World of  Maya or Illusion

In the Hindu tradition there is the concept of "Maya", which is the world of illusion. Our thoughts, beliefs, intellectual overlays, labels, personal imaginings, and triggered memories can all be thought of as forms of Maya or illusion. They all can interfere with, or distort our direct perception of "what is". Remote viewing can thus be thought of as a way of leaving the world of Maya or illusion.

Remote viewing also has the advantage of giving you immediate feedback on the accuracy of your perceptions because you find out the details what or who you were remote viewing when you’re finished viewing. Through the feedback process, your accuracy keeps on increasing and your perceptions get sharper and sharper.

These basic processes have been more or less neglected in most other spiritual disciplines. In addition, these processes and distinctions are also fundamental in daily life. We are constantly overlaying our own interpretations are own stuff onto the world, and onto other people.  In the field of psychology, this is called projection. This is a common process it goes on constantly in most people's daily life.

Some people are so full of their own interpretation and ideas that when they look at a tree, they no longer see the tree.  When they look at a person they no longer see the person or hear the person, they only hear and perceive their own interpretations. This is the major reason why people have difficulty achieving nourishing intimacy and the major reason marriages and other relationships don't last, or no longer nourishing or exciting. Metaphorically, this illusion is like thinking we are looking through a window onto the world but we're really looking into a mirror.   


Coming to Your Senses

When you learn remote viewing you learn to "lose your mind and come to your senses". You actually taste, smell, see, hear, feel, intuit, whatever or whoever it is you are remote viewing. When you initiate this process to a sufficient degree, you become "bi-located", having a sense of actually being presence at the place you are remote viewing. When you are remote viewing physical, verifiable targets you can feel the breeze on your face and smell and hear the people around you at the target location. This is a cool multidimensional experience that most people want more of.

The process of remote viewing ties into the same basic underlying mechanisms that are underlie astral projection. However, because fundamental distinctions are made in one's experience during the process, there is a quantum leap accuracy and in control. Astral projection may be thought of as drifting in a balloon through a cloudy sky, while remote viewing may be thought of as flying a plane to a specific intended destination.

Remote viewing is to psychic and spiritual abilities as learning to read music is to musical abilities. As with reading music, remote viewing provides focus structure and pacing. As with learning to read music, its initial learning can sometimes be a little tedious at first until it becomes habit.


Balancing spirituality and emotionality etc..

Remote viewing should be done as part of a balanced and grounded life style: Attend to your emotions and feelings, your spirituality, your critical thinking, your sense of humor, your body, your needs, your relationships, and your diet. Do not neglect these essential aspects of your life when doing remote viewing. Don’t use remote viewing to avoid what needs to be attended to in your life! Rather use remote viewing to increase your balance and harmony with yourself, others, and the universe.

Don't do a "spiritual bypass", by bypassing or avoiding some of your painful feelings by going into your spirituality and trying to "rise above it all".  In doing so, you can lose your grounding. Live in all the rooms of the house that is you. Deal with feelings on a feeling level. It is so important to stay grounded.


Becoming a Pioneer in a Fantastic New Frontier

Some remote viewing students do not get strong contact right of off the bat. I have had students come to me and asked me "can I really do this" after having several sessions with minimal contact. I've encouraged the student to stay with it and practice. Without exception, students who have stayed with it and practice have become excellent viewers, some becoming top viewers on my remote viewing team.

Remote viewing offers a whole new frontier to explore; there are other worlds, dimensions, and wondrous beings waiting to be experienced. As long as it is done with the highest motivation and intentions it appears to be safe. There are additional practices that can be done along with remote viewing to insure one's safety and protection.  One way is to visualize a highly reflective protective bubble around oneself. Another way is to mentally create a protective sanctuary for oneself to start from and return to.

Remote viewing is for people with a passion to grow both spiritually and emotionally, who have the curiosity and courage to explore, and to be more at one with, the mind of God and all its aspects. It is for people who realize the importance of accuracy, pure contact, and feedback.

 A famous English philosopher once said: "what is needed is not the will to believe but the will to find out". Remote viewing greatly enhances our ability to find out.