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Dr. Wayne Carr
 Licensed Psychologist, Executive Director

Why We are on the Cutting Edge of Remote Viewing



Dr. Carr has conducted Remote Viewing workshops all over the United States and the UK. He has successfully trained hundreds of men and women to do remote viewing.  Dr. Carr also authored the Remote Viewing Home Study Program sold world wide.


Dr. Carr is one of the people on the cutting edge creating new, innovative techniques in the field of remote viewing. Techniques such as reverse writing, ( the written counterpart to reverse speech! ) medical, psychological, and therapeutic remote viewing, remote viewing between spouses, comprehensive deep mind probes, Dr. Carr and his RV team have remote viewed hundreds of fascinating targets, from virus’s. to the first moment of creation.  They have also named suspect genes in genetic diseases, and given the first live RV demos on the net.  Dr. Carr has also done research on exploring alternative timelines, and on the important roll of psychological defenses in remote viewing.



1)     Psychological Remote Viewing: Dr. Carr coined the term Psychological Remote Viewing for uses in psychotherapy, psychotherapy treatment planning, determining child abuse, psychological assessment, assessing  judgment, honesty, dangerousness to self or others, depression, anxiety, psychosis etc. etc. It has the potential of making other forms of psychological measurement nearly obsolete secondary tools.

2)     Comprehensive deep mind probes: It is possible for a viewer to go deeply into the mind and emotions of another person, this technique is one of the most promising uses of remote viewing. The viewer can “move” through all the different layers of another’s personality and unconscious to discover their inner unconscious defenses, blocks and conflicts. The viewer can reach the inner core, as well as, the soul to find out the person’s deepest fears, unmet needs and longings. (Of course this depth of remote viewing is should only be done with the other persons permission, and with a spirit of good well and respect)

3)     Therapeutic Remote Viewing is where you remote view yourself (without knowing you are the target), in the presence of a therapist. It has tremendous potential for facilitating growth, healing and self-awareness. It can be used for: the exploration of major events in ones life, one’s birth, one’s death, one’s future, and past lives, increasing couples communication and empathy, etc. After the session, the therapist helps the viewer process their feelings. In addition, doing remote viewing, in general, teaches you the important distinctions between your imagination, your projections, and your  real intuitive experience, something that can be applied directly to daily life. Remote viewing heightens your awareness and trust of your subtle senses and intuitions!

4)     Couples Remote Viewing: Married couples can remote view their spouse with potentially wonderful effects! In this case, the married viewer is not told that they are actually viewing their spouse at that particular viewing. Some amazing things can happen. This can result in the viewer discovering their spouse in a fresh new light! Comprehensive deep mind probes can be done so that the viewer can experience their spouse from the inside out. They can begin to see things from their spouses point of view, especially in the light of their spouses love, hidden fears, longings, and unmet needs. This kind of RV has the potential to bring a quantum leap in psychotherapy by bringing it to a whole new depth and level of empathy and effectiveness. (Remember the movie brainstorm?)

5) Spiritual Remote Viewing: Sadly, Many of the first generation remote viewers, have shied away from such esoteric targets as the Christ, Buddha or other spiritual beings and events, because these targets cannot often be verified physically. These people have too narrowly defined the purpose and scope of remote viewing. Whether or not these kind of targets can be physically verified is less important than the fact that they are associated with extremely powerful energy which, if experienced, can be very growth producing, and even life changing. In certain cases, it has been the most powerful spiritual experience of that person’s life.  Also, if one remote views a compassionate spiritual being, one takes some of that compassion back with him, to integrate within himself.

6)     Psychological Defenses and RV: Dr. Carr was the first person to seriously look at the extremely important role of psychological defenses in remote viewing. As one remote views a target such as a person, place or event, one’s unfinished unconscious material, always interacts in varying degrees with the target and often can cause distortions in the data, or cause the viewer to shut down, or to feel anxious. For example, a person who is very afraid of the water, may have difficulties remote viewing a lake, and may have unpleasant drowning tragedies show up in their session.

7) Medical Remote Viewing: Dr. Carr’s remote viewing team has done some pioneering work in medical remote viewing. He has developed specialized medical protocols. His team and students has remote viewed various medical conditions in various people with very good results. The detailed accuracy and specificity of medical remote viewing is sometimes staggering ! This the most promising use of remote viewing in the near future and may eventually change medicine as we know it. Remote healing is also possible.

8)  Remote viewing alternative and optimal timelines: We have remote viewed the medical outcome if a medical operation is performed, as well as, the medical outcome if an operation is not performed (alternative timelines). In general, this type of procedure can show possible (not absolute by a long shot) future outcomes of any choices we may make, thus helping us make the choice with the best potential outcome. One can also remote view the optimal timeline (sequence of events) for certain desirable conditions you want to occur. For example, “the optimal timeline in the next two year for one’s optimal spiritual and financial growth.”.

       9) Naming of suspect defective genes in certain diseases:  In double blind conditions, we have named possible suspect genes in a the rare genetic disease called FOP that turns muscle into bone in children. A major researcher at a university in Philadelphia has taken this information into account in his research, and will focus more on the genes we have named. If these turn out to be the defective genes, medical history will have been made! The genes are called  “Chordin” and “EXT4”.

10)  Fascinating targets viewed: Dr. Carr and/or the Institute's remote viewing team have remote viewed hundreds of targets including missing persons and animals, future earth changes, possible future time lines for individuals, ET activity,  the Christ, the Buddha, the Rapture, spiritual beings, dolphins, viruses, future relationships, tragedies, Standard & Poor’s index, current relationships, murders, unaccounted-for deaths, causes of smells, buildings, historical event, future events, landmarks, the white house, people after they’ve died, ancient culture s, the construction of the pyramids, the first moment of creation, Charles Manson, Imaginary targets such as Bug Bunny, the origin of visions, alternative timelines, optimal timelines, one’s own death, one’s own birth, etc.

13)  Some (not all) major remote viewers may be  downloading inaccurate  garbage: Some of the strong claims, predictions of some major remote viewers have been, (and probably will be) very wrong. These viewers will eventually look even more foolish than they already do, as their predictions don’t pan out in the way they say, or as the end up only having a grain of truth. A viewer can end up with many unsubstantiated claims and beliefs, as his own, and others, personal issues, defenses, fears and beliefs get mixed up with his actual viewing. It is also possible to "download" information from many different "sources".  Some of these sources can be highly inaccurate. For example, it is possible to download information derived only from the collective fears of a group of people or of our society in general. More specifically, as the millennium approaches the "field" becomes contaminated with peoples fears and beliefs about what might happen. It is then possible to pick up on these beliefs and fears, while attempting remote viewing, and interpret them as real events. In addition, target information sometimes can be basically correct, but the amplitude or degree of the information gets exaggerated or blown out of proportion. Also, the fact one can remote view an imaginary target such as Bugs Bunny and get target “contact”, shows that whatever is remote viewed does not have to be real in the usual sense.

14)  The Western Institute has developed techniques to help detect remote viewing “garbage”. Dr. Carr's background in psychology has made it more possible to identify, test and take into account, many important factors to enhance remote viewing and to avoid some of the pitfalls.  A properly trained remote viewer can, at times, “taste” the difference between real and unreal data.

15)    Dangers in remote viewing: Remote viewing can be potentially destabilizing. When not taught as a disciple to be in balance with one's heart mind and soul, remote viewing can be potentially de-stabilizing. In the past, this has been shown by the effect on the marriages of some of the military remote viewers. It also shows up in the questionable reality testing of some of the major remote viewers. (For example, one supposedly believes he is the reincarnation of Moses).  Very repressed people can often becomes incredible viewers because they have no other place to flee to but the “psychic realm”.  This is called a “spiritual bypass” Another danger is that remote viewing can potentially be used unethically to influence or harm others, or to invade their privacy.

16)    The Future of Remote Viewing: The Practice of RV is a continually evolving process.  It is still in it's babyhood! It has the potential of being one of mankind’s greatest tools of all times. Contrary to what some believe, ninety nine percent of its applications have yet to be developed. Current remote viewing protocols and technologies have only begun to scratch the surface of its potential. Future technologies will be developed that will dwarf all current remote viewing activities (private or governmental). In addition, Dr. Carr is attempting to help spawn a new generation of remote viewers who do not put ego, control, dogma and competition ahead of  experiencing the innate process of remote viewing. This new generation of remote viewers that is emerging, will hopefully have an attitude that is based more on openness, collaboration, cooperation, and the integrating critical thinking, the intuitive and the emotional.




Additional Information on Dr. Carr

1)       Dr. Carr’s Training in RV: Dr. Carr was one of the original people qualified as an Instructor by the Farsight Institute meaning that he was in the second graduating  "teacher training course", and was given  "I" or instructor status.

2)       Dr. Carr has  received the basic, intermediate and extended remote viewing training  with David Morehouse, Ph.D. at Remote Viewing Technologies (RVT). He has also received remote viewing training from the former executive director of AARV.

3)       Dr. Carr has also received training from veteran controversial remote viewer Ray Bordon, founder an past president of The American Association of Remote Viewers.

Dr. Carr has integrated remote viewing techniques gained from consultation, collaboration, or contact with a variety of other remote viewers. At the Farsight Institute, he graduated in the same classes as Prudence Calabrese, past Director of Transdimesional Systems. Dr. Carr was also a staff member of CARMA - The Centers for Remote Medicine Application

3)    Past Interviews: Dr. Carr has been interviewed for different TV and radio programs:

Radio Shows: (small sample)

a)     The "X-Zone" radio show in Canada.

b)     The "Shine" radio talk show in Monterey, CA.

c)     Patte Purcell on the Next Dimension talk radio show on the Talk America Network.

d)     The American Entertainment Network (AEN)

e)     By Don Ecker Strange Daze” radio talk show Liberty Works Radio Network.

f)       The Allan Hutner Radio TalkShow, Sante Fe, NM

g)     "Mind over Matter" Radio Show.


Television Shows:

h)     The Ted Lowman television interview show "Off the Record"  (formally "UFO A-Z").

i)       Mitch Battros on the Earth Changes television show.

j)       His remote viewing workshop in Monterey was filmed for presentation on the Japanese television show "Unbelievable".

k)     The Fox Family Channel show: "Exploring The Unknown" show Dr. Carr's remote viewing workshop and remote viewing demonstration in front of skeptic Mike Shermer, Editor of Skeptic Magazine.

l)       UR Psychic Show. Chicago


4)       Writings: Dr. Carr is in the process of writing papers on "emotional literacy", "self-deception", "self-therapy", "accessing the self", "mental clarity", "gestalt formation", "catharthis & meditation", “undoing retroflections & projections", "critical thinking”  Remote viewing- potential uses in psychotherapy." He is also currently writing a book on remote viewing.

5)       Past Research: Dr. Carr has had a long interest in psychic phenomenon and consciousness. His doctoral dissertation was on synchronized brain waves and states of consciousness. Dr. Carr has conducted brain wave research under the supervision of Joe Kamiya, the father of brain wave biofeedback and of Dr. Lester Fehmi, the founder of "Open Focus", a technique used by therapists worldwide, for pain reduction and heightened awareness. During this time he also conducted research on a device designed by Edgar Casey.  As early as 1972 Dr. Carr conducted a research project on telepathy as a graduate student at California State University, Los Angeles. Dr. Carr’s Masters thesis was on eye movements, hemispheric activity affected by “wants” vs. “shoulds”.

6)       Education: Dr. Carr received a Ph.D. in psychology from the University of Nevada Reno in 1992, Biofeedback Certification in 1993, an MA in educational psychology from Northern Arizona University in 1982, and a BA in psychology from Sonoma State University in 1973. He originally started as a philosophy major at Claremont Men’s College in California. He is also a graduate of the San Francisco Gestalt Institute.

7)       Psychotherapy Practice as a Licensed Psychologist: He has practiced in California, Nevada, and New Jersey. Prior to moving to the Seattle area, Dr. Carr had a Humanistic Psychotherapy practice in Reno NV where worked with individuals, couples, families, and Gestalt groups. He has a strong dislike for the managed care atmosphere.

Dr. Carr’s professional role, responsibilities and ethical obligations as a licensed psychologist are kept entirely separate from his role as a remote viewer and instructor. (Unfortunately, just about all state boards of psychology look down on something non-mechanistic like remote viewing, and can’t handle the paradigm.)


8)       Theoretical Background: Dr. Carr draws from his unique background in cognitive-behavioral, humanistic & Gestalt Therapies, meditation, consciousness, biofeedback, and neurofeedback. Overall, Dr. Carr has a strong interest in finding ways to integrate the "spiritual" with the "primal-emotional"


9)       Special Interests: Other special interests of Dr. Carr are: The therapeutic uses of awareness, attention and emotional release; the relationship of brain activity to awareness and emotions; exploration of subjective emotional states and processes, including ways of finishing emotional "unfinished business" and processing emotional pain; teaching clear communication skills, and critical thinking.


10)    Additional Background: Dr. Carr also has additional background in Zen meditation, (since 1968), TM, martial arts, re-birthing, breathwork, Primal Therapy, and Krishnamurti.