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A Short Model of Consciousness


By Dr. Wayne Carr

We emphasize the integration of critical thinking,
intuition, spirituality, meditation & emotionality

In other words, the integration of:

Instinctual "primal" consciousness  (Brain Stem)

Living from ones deepest core
Innocence & Spontaneity
Integrating the voluntary and involuntary
True Homeostasis, self-regulation and groundedness
Mobilization of resources
Processing of pain

Emotional "vital" consciousness  (Limbic System)

Fully feeling
Congruency and authenticity
Vitality, passion and gusto
Processing of emotion

Thought "mental" consciousness  (Neo Cortex)

                Clarity of thought
                Critical thinking
  Seeing mistakes and receiving feedback
  No bullshit or elephantshit

Non-local "supramental" consciousness  (Interface with larger  inter-dimensional fields of consciousness)

Interfacing with God
Spiritual ecstasy, expansion, transcendence & wisdom
           The sixth (first) sense.
                Space-time transcendence.



"Non-dualistic" or "no-thing" "no-mind" consciousness (Deep harmony of ALL fields          of consciousness)
Balance, harmony
             Space for full functioning
                Integration of transcendence & groundedness,
                        boundaries and boundlessness, potentiality and
                        actuality, time and "no-time".

                Fully inhabiting all rooms of the "house" that is
                    our self (from the basement to the attic), within
                    a space that transcends the self.
               The fully risen Kundalini.
                The Integral


None of these levels can be left out of the equation for optimal functioning

Bio of Dr. Carr:

Dr Carr is Executive Director of The Western Institute of Remote Viewing, The American Association of Remote Viewers and The Center For Growth and Healing. He is also a Licensed Psychologist with a private psychotherapy practice in the Seattle Area. Early in 1977, Dr. Carr developed new specialized procedures and techniques for psychological, medical, spiritual, couples and group remote viewing. Over the last few years he has evolved and refined these techniques, through the full time teaching of hundreds of remote viewing workshops in the US and Europe, and through working therapeutically with individuals & couples. Dr. Carr has also personally done hundreds of RV sessions to continually develop his own RV skills. He has written and updated comprehensive RV manuals for General, Advanced, & Medical Remote Viewing, as well as a Remote Viewing Tool Kit. He labels his overall RV techniques as Integral Remote Viewing or IRV. Dr. Carr is currently working on a book on Remote Viewing Technique and Theory.