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Executive Director
Wayne E. Carr, Ph.D.
Licensed Psychologist

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More General Information
 on Home Study Course

Please Read Before Purchasing:



Payment Plans

A two or three installment payment plan (over 1-3 months) can be arranged in certain cases if you call by phone to work out the agreement. If you live in a country where phone calls are not possible, then the arrangement will be done by email. In the arrangement a credit card account will be billed, or check will be cashed on agreed upon dates. Credit cards, personal checks, international bank checks, money orders are all ok.


Ample Free Phone support is available and recommended for serious learning. 



The  Home Study Course Includes:



1) The  Full Program


1)      Basics of  remote Viewing.  Also, read and sign the informed consent form! It outlines what to expect!


2)      Remote viewing skills practice 


3)      Remote viewing Mini-sessions  (Session 1 AND 2)  (20 min) & (45 min)


4)      Informal guided remote viewing session   (60 min)

  (This session is preceded by the pre-session Mind Settling Procedure (Cool Down))


5)      Guided remote viewing session with full explanation.  (4 hours!)

This session is not like a regular RV session you will be doing. It is for training only. You then move on to shorter more normal sessions.


6)      Guided remote viewing session with minimal explanation  (2 hours)

(This session is preceded by the pre-session mind settling procedure) (15 min.) AND followed by the post-session grounding procedure (15 min)


7)      Guided remote viewing session with no explanation. (1 hour)

(This session is preceded by the pre-session mind settling procedure) (15 min.) AND followed by the post-session grounding procedure (15 min)


8)     Continue to use the “no explanation”  to guide you until you’re ready to do a remote

session procedure entirely from memory, with or without a template



2) The Guided Practice Sessions which is to be used for continued practice even after the main program has be completed. 


3) Contains documents in Word for Windows, JPEG and PDF format. This CD contains Session Templates,  Remote Viewing Instructions, Further Guidance & Charts, Sample RV Sessions, Software (Local Sidereal Clock), Articles and Books by Dr. Carr in Progress, Etc.


4) The Target , which contains a huge variety of color targets in JPEG, PDF, and Word for Windows format. For general practice, take targets from the general target pools.


5) The Media which contains public domain Film Clips, lectures, software and music related to remote viewing and self-awareness. It contains software for a local sidereal time clock.


6) The Quantum Light Breath audio  by Jeru Kabbal. (Jeru unfortunately died a few years ago and his organization is now totally defunct.) This  is a very powerful and excellent process for expanding awareness.


Session Template Pack

Advance Wide Templates 

General Target Pack

Medical Target Pack



Within US and Canada:

Price:  $320.00                            


Outside US and Canada

Price:  $320.00         


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