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Our uniqueness is our extra guidance that makes sure you are fully "up and running" and  on your own when you finish the program. We provide printed examples, specific guided drill practice, and real-time guided session to monitor and pace you.  Our uniqueness is also in our "wide spectrum" matrix which allows for much greater specificity, and sensitivity. Once you use our matrix, youíd rapidly tire of a "narrower spectrum matrix" offered by others. You would really feel like you hands were tied. We use straightforward language and dispense with unnecessary confusing jargon that is a hold over from the old military protocols and that just makes the intellectuals who invented it feel smarter and more scientific than they are. We give special attention to mentally preparing for and finishing an RV session so that you benefit from the experience. Lastly, you will go well beyond beginners RV in this comprehensive program.


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Also, if you feel uncomfortable using your credit card over the internet, you can send a check or money order. There is an order form you can print out if you'd like.We believe that is everyone's right to have a good opportunity to tune into this God-given and natural part of themselves. It is a joy for us to help others use this ability and skill most effectively in their lives. We're proud of our product and are constantly evolving it and improving it to make it the best.  It's nice for us at the institute, to be able to do what we love in a human and professional manner, and make a living at it too!

                                                Sample Target                                             Talented Student's Sketch of Target
                                          in Home Study Program                                        On
Just her Third Session
                                                                                                      Notice what she writes about their consciousness
                                                                                                                               (single blind)


Superior Innovative Technology
with unique
guided sessions

(The Informal Session. One of 5 different guided session)

Perhaps for the first time in Remote Viewing

An easy to follow, step-by-step procedure and instruction has been developed
at the institute that allows for good target contact in a full session, right from the start, at home. In addition, it is being offered at a decent price.
Sessions can be done this way, because the ability to remote view is innate and can be sparked by writing in a specific procedural-structural template, while you are led by step by step audio instructions.
Since innate ability varies from person to person, initial results will vary. I have never seen a person who appeared not to have the ability. We ALL initially wonder if we're the one who's not going to be able to do it. One's motivation should be to develop one's innate abilities to their fullest, whether or not they're better or worse than someone else's. I believe this procedure is an excellent way to get started and then move on to advanced viewing.
Continued practice of the procedure on several targets (10-40) should give most people good basic remote viewing skills. Further workshop training, or consultation, or monitoring is also recommended for those who want to maximize their skills and minimize any pitfalls. Also, once you learn the procedure you can dispense with the template and instructions and "fly solo".


Some (not all) major remote viewers may be  downloading inaccurate  garbage: Some of the strong claims, predictions of some major remote viewers have been, (and probably will be) very wrong. These viewers will eventually look even more foolish than they already do, as their predictions donít pan out in the way they say, or as the end up only having a grain of truth. A viewer can end up with many unsubstantiated claims and beliefs, as his own, and others, personal issues, defenses, fears and beliefs get mixed up with his actual viewing. It is also possible to "download" information from many different "sources".  Some of these sources can be highly inaccurate. For example, it is possible to download information derived only from the collective fears of a group of people or of our society in general. More specifically, as the millennium approaches the "field" becomes contaminated with peoples fears and beliefs about what might happen. It is then possible to pick up on these beliefs and fears, while attempting remote viewing, and interpret them as real events. In addition, target information sometimes can be basically correct, but the amplitude or degree of the information gets exaggerated or blown out of proportion. Also, the fact one can remote view an imaginary target such as Bugs Bunny and get target "contact", shows that whatever is remote viewed does not have to be real in the usual sense.

The Western Institute has also developed techniques to help detect remote viewing "garbage". Dr. Carr's background in psychology has made it more possible to identify, test and take into account, many important factors to enhance remote viewing and to avoid some of the pitfalls.  A properly trained remote viewer can, at times, "taste" the difference between real and unreal data.

Once you learn our protocols for coordinate RV, it is a relatively simple act to try someone elseís protocols. (e.g. PSI Tech, SRV, original Military, etc.) Most are base on the original  military protocols and have basic similarities and concepts that make switching back and forth or creating a hybrid relatively easy. You can expand in any direction you want and ad to your repertoire, everyone of course has something unique to offer, and thatís good! Youíll also want to try our "extended RV" course coming out later, which requires you to be "dolphining"  between wakefulness and sleep (similar to yoga "nidra"). Youíll also want the specialized protocols in the advanced RV course, offered later.

So many people who get used to one style of RV, are reluctant to try new things. Weíre all creatures of habit and donít like to change because, when youíve always done things one certain way, it can  "feel so right" even if itís wrong.

Immediately do complete remote viewing sessions, on the first day, at home by following the simple procedural forms along with step by step audio tape instructions! This is a serious procedure that works.

Find out how incredibly innate remote viewing ability
really is, with just a little guidance.

Continue your training by attending training workshop(s) for further in-depth skill development! (you'll want to continue.)


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