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Home Study Program Comparison Chart
Your help and feedback on this chart would be desired,
especially with information we haven't gotten yet (see spaces marked with a "?") . (The "?" =  "not totally known to us").
Our intention is not to "put down" other products. It is to show some of the advantages of our product in a fair way. We're very proud of our product and think there's nothing else like it on the market. Of course, other companies could certainly set up a comparison chart that would highlight their positive features. We're trying to get as accurate and honest information as we can.  In addition, some of the information given is pure subjective opinion, base on the data available. If we're inaccurate about something let us know!
We do have a copy of PSI Tech's course and the Academy's course.
Some of the information on these courses have be derived from conversations with people who have already tried them.
If you know of any other programs out there that are worth mentioning, please let us know !!

Keep in mind, there is a new generation of remote viewers out there now that are much more into collaboration and cooperation as RV continues to evolve. These viewers are also less into cut throat competition, ego, secrecy and rigid dogmatic beliefs about RV.

People who are extremely emotionally repressed, and emotionally ungrounded, despite there abilities to do excellent remote viewing, should probably not be teaching remote viewing to a great extent. There can be some danger of destabilization if remote viewing is not done in balance with one's emotional life. 

Everyone has something unique to offer. Our uniqueness is our extra guidance that makes sure you are fully "up and running" and  on your own when you finish the program. We provide printed examples, specific guided drill practice, and real-time guided session to monitor and pace you.  Our uniqueness is also in our "wide spectrum" matrix which allows for much greater specificity, and sensitivity. Once you use our matrix, you’d rapidly tire of a "narrower spectrum matrix" offered by others. You would really feel like you hands were tied. We use straightforward language and dispense with unnecessary confusing jargon that is a hold over from the old military protocols and that just makes the intellectuals who invented it feel smarter and more scientific than they are. We give special attention to mentally preparing for and finishing an RV session so that you benefit from the experience. Lastly, you will go well beyond beginners RV in this comprehensive program.

We suggest that you print this chart out to better study it.

HOME STUDY PROGRAM Basic to advanced
(Ed Dames past head)
Overall rating
Not evaluated but probably basic & very good
Guided step-by-step sessions
to lead you through your own sessions.
Ample printed material.
Support  very available.
Extensive drill and skill practice.
Learn by doing approach.
Remote viewing session templates increase support and speed up the learning.
Concern  for people more than profit. 
You can watch live demos on the internet.
For the guided sessions, audio tapes are actually superior to video tapes. (They would be distracting.)
Video tapes,
Professional production.
Good graphics.
Ed Dame's many years of experience.
Excellent lectures.
You can watch someone doing a session.
Emphasis on brain wave states (eg theta) and states or consciousness,
Courtney, like Ed Dames, appears to be susceptible to downloading false or inaccurate data, that are never substantiated or never come about despite strong claims and beliefs. 

I believe our emphasizing emotional grounding, critical thinking, and specialized techniques for testing the "reality" of RV impressions can minimized this huge problem.   

Analogy:  Puts you in the "water" with both a "boat" or "paddle." Analogy:  Puts you in the "water" with a "boat" but no "paddle" Analogy:  Puts you in the "water" with no "boat" or "paddle."  
Video not out yet.
Audio tapes have adequate sound quality and will to be redone in professional studio.
Presently some background noise on the audio tapes
Some spelling errors in first programs.
You're on your own without guided sessions, once you start trying to do RV sessions. 
Little printed  material to support you.

Depends on only one basic model and perspective.

Lack of  specific step by step procedures.

Without emphasis emotional grounding & critical thinking, there is some danger of destabilization for some people who are very repressed

Without emphasis emotional grounding & critical thinking, there is some danger of destabilization for some people who are very repressed.
Guided remote viewing sessions
coordinate remote viewing
 Availability of support
while you are going through the program, and afterwards
(on web site)
Guided remote viewing drill practice
Just emphasizes the importance of drills and practice and gives some examples
Twelve,  90 min. audio cassettes.
(about 18 hr. training)
12 manuals  in the extended program with ample examples. 

Guided RV sessions.
RV Targets.
Extensive, detailed, written Protocols (procedures)
Rv Session Templates.
Printed examples.
Sample written sessions
5? video cassettes
(about 8 hr. training?)
about 4? pages of printed material.

Lectures about RV
Short, one page protocol sheet.
Videos of others doing sessions.
RV Targets

6 audio tapes and a page of printed material?
 Availability president or executive director
 Fair to poor?
 Money back guarantee
 YES after at least 10 targets have been viewed using the full protocols and you have discussed with us (by phone) any difficulties you may be having.
(Guarantee also limited to 2 months after the mailing of the program to you)

Money back guarantee details

YES, however, I have spoken to customers who have been very disgruntled when trying getting their money back
 Audio tapes
twelve  90 minute cassettes
6 tapes
Comments : Also see our full Testimonials Page

from different Callers and Emailers 

Positive statements are in red . Negative statements are in black. 

(keep in mind that I get a biased sampling, since people who call me after trying another product are more likely to be dissatisfied with the other products. I will also include positive statements on other products when I receive them)

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Emailer 1: "the course you offer seems far and away the most innovative, creative and exciting"

Caller 1: I'm very happy, I'm getting good results and I just wanted to let you know that

Caller 1: "I finished the entire video course, and felt like it puts you in a boat in the water but doesn't give you a paddle." 

 E-mailer 1: "I ordered his first tape module and was not real satisfied with it." 

E-mailer  2: "Although I have attempted many times to get some of my friends to watch both module 1 & 2, most say it's too much work and rapidly lose interest ...I believe TRV is a tremendous tool and have been disappointed" 

E-mailer 3: as I have
purchased and studied his course which is outstanding.

E-mailer 4: "I have their course on video. Can't say as I love it a lot. - is that is good as it gets?" 

E-mailer -5: I've been working with PSI Tech's program since Module 1, and it
follows structure excellently, and explains the importance of practice and
persistence.  The beginning module allows the user to experiment with TRV - It was not meant to be for problem solving.  The second module goes deeply into 
Intermediate TRV and does it excellently. 

E-mailer 6: "I ordered  his first tape module and was not real satisfied with it and cannot afford to pay $250 for the next modules. 

Caller 2: "I am shipping it back"

Caller 1: "It just put me to sleep" 

Caller 2: "I tried it and was not able to remote view with it" 

Caller 3: "I couldn't remote view with it" 

Caller 4: "I just sent it back" 

Caller 5: "I liked it and am finishing the course"

Emailer 1:

Thanks for the chart!  Very informative. I wanted to offer a response to the comments for the Academy of Remote
Viewing.   I found the tapes astonishing.  Yes, they are outside of the rigid protocols of Ed Dames and others; however, they have worked
astoundingly well for me. 

On the other hand, I am already very psychic and comfortable in those realms - so a more linear trained person might react far better to step by step procedures.

There is no one path to God as they say.


 Video Tapes
 Coming in about 6 months? (Be patient)
 Coming in 3 months (Be patient)
Remote viewing templates to guide you
just  very short protocol
Sample written sessions included
Variety of guided sessions that progressively get more advanced
(we start with "mini-sessions", informal sessions, and gradually move to formal, fairly advanced, sessions)
Emphasis on personal growth , personal experience, having fun and taking care of yourself. (We find this actually increases accuracy and contact)
remote viewing is mostly problem solving.

No emphasis on emotional grounding.  

No emphasis on emotional grounding.  
RV theory covered
Many points of view and models presented
extensive, but only one point of view presented
Targets provided for
Target practice
YES Both written and Photo  targets
PLUS weekly  targets give on the web page
YES limited,
PLUS targets on web page
 Live monthly Demos on the internet
Based on original Military Protocols 
"hard style"
"soft  style"
Advanced Program with specialized protocols
YES In about  6 months
As far as I know, any plans for an advanced home study program was put on hold.
PSI-Tech does have a free advanced program on the internet.
Therapeutic &
Numbers protocols currently available (not part of standard home study)
They address medical problems
(don't know of they have explicit specialized protocols)
 Spirit of cooperation, collaboration and respect with other organizations and competitors
Claims that no one else compares to them.
Competitive to an extreme. 
Apparent  "one true religion'" attitude in RV. 
 Continual evolving
 protocols and techniques
 Appears Limited
 Open ended, evolving paradigms and models
(not claim to have all the answers)
Appears Limited. Tendency to be dogmatic.
 Informed consent
(tells you exactly what to expect including any risks)
very explicate
 on web
 Experience and  training of staff
 Very Good
Dr Carr also has the advantage of a Ph.D. in psychology and  knows scientific, experimental and therapeutic theory and techniques
(see page on Dr. Carr Training and background)
(experience hard to beat, however, other ex-military remote viewers have reported that Ed Dames (past head of PSI-Tech)  was primarily a monitor in the military, and rarely did any official remote viewing himself in his unit. I'm sure he learned a lot in his capacity as a monitor.)

US priority mail

(received within 3 days after mailed)




 Attitude about RV sessions and data
Avoids making strong claims on the basis of RV data alone. (RV predictions and claims made by others have  been wrong, or "off"  too often) (some target "fields" are too highly contaminated or "visciated")
 Tends to be "Doomsday-ish"
and overly certain.
Does not reflect the attitude of the great majority of the remote viewing community.
Spiritual ? 
Opportunities to become a remote viewing team member 
 Values: individual uniqueness, human freedom, spiritual growth, betterment  of humanity, human emotions, relationship with God
 Appears to have less emphasis on spiritual aspects.

Has been less than scientific. In the past has accepted RV data as true or likely on the basis of RV data alone with only minimal substantiating data from other sources. Many original claims about gloom and doom have never panned out or have never been substantiated or have been only minimally true.

Idealistic, intellectual visionary,

Has been less than scientific. In the past has accepted RV data as true or likely on the basis of RV data alone with only minimal substantiating data from other sources. Many original claims about ET's have never panned out or have never been substantiated.

 Minimalization of Jargon (Stating concepts in direct, easy-to-understand terms, with no "BS" Jargon)
Watch your "inclemency's" and "aesthetic impacts" etc.
Pre  and Post  session "mind settling " and "grounding" procedures
None that I know of, stresses relaxation.
Addresses the extremely IMPORTANT issue of the role of psychological defenses in RV
Not that I know of
Available  for RV workshops in your area
Support of AARV the American Association of Remote Viewers
Openness to feedback in continually evolving the RV process in the RV community
Appears somewhat closed?