The Western Institute of Remote Viewing





Your Home Study Program Contains Six CDs:


1) The MP3 Audio CD: Full Program which is to be used in conjunction with the printed manuals. Keep in mind that the manuals are not stand-alone and they only supplement and extend the audio. (See further instructions on this audio CD below.)


See if you can get a live monitor for some of your beginning sessions. These live monitored session are many times more easy for beginning students! You can get stronger target contact with a live monitor.


Have the live monitor select a target (see target CD) and then read to you from the one of the templates (much as the audio CD acts as your monitor) as you progress through your session. The monitor paces you and prompts you through your session. (See the “RV game” in the document CD or more hints in monitoring.)



2) The MP3 Audio CD: Guided Practice Sessions which is to be used for continued practice even after the main program has be completed.  This CD serves as your monitor, to lead you through your practice sessions. Again, keep in mind that a live monitor makes target contact a lot easier at first! Do a variety of sessions using all different types of templates with and without live monitors.


Once you have it under your belt your can do sessions with no template and no monitor of any kind. (This means no CD monitoring or live monitoring)



3) The Document CD which contains documents in Word for Windows, JPEG and PDF format. This CD contains Session Templates,  Remote Viewing Instructions, Further Guidance & Charts, Sample RV Sessions, Software (Local Sidereal Clock), Articles and Books by Dr. Carr in Progress, Etc.  Some of the documents are already and hard copy in your manuals.  Table of contents


You can use this CD to print out as many remote viewing session templates as you wish. Or you can use one copy of the template as a guide for your remote viewing session work done on blank sheets of paper. It is recommended that you use a variety of session types when you're practicing. (E.g.  mini-mini session, mini-session, short session, long session, advanced wide session.)


Be sure and look at the Sample Sessions. It will make your learning a lot easier to see some model sessions and sketches!



4) The Target CD, which contains a huge variety of color targets in JPEG, PDF, and Word for Windows format. For general practice, take targets from the general target pools. Updated and enlarged target CDs (over 5000 targets!) will be out soon. (This CD is for individual private use only and not public consumption!)



5) The Media CD which contains public domain Film Clips, lectures, software and music related to remote viewing and self-awareness. It contains software for a local sidereal time clock. (MP3, MPG, real media RAM, and PowerPoint format.)



6) The Quantum Light Breath audio CD by Jeru Kabbal. (Jeru unfortunately died a few years ago and his organization is now totally defunct.) This CD is a very powerful and excellent process for expanding awareness and thus facilitating remote viewing. It is recommended that you practice this tape, also Hemi synch tapes from the Monroe Institute, as well as a form of meditation (e.g. TM, Zazen or Vipassina).  The meditation should be non narrow-focused, as well, as non-dissociative.  






Please use the Full Program CD in conjunction with the printed manuals


These CDs are in MP3 format .

It should be played on your computer or on and MP3 player.

On your computer, it is recommended that you use the Windows Media Player or any player that visually lists the individual CD tracts.


(Because the material is compressed in MP3 format, this CD will not play on an ordinary CD player. (Regular CD wav format would require over 25 audio CD's instead of just two!) If you have no computer then you can buy a Walkman type MP3 player for around $20



Please notice that our manuals are often in a state of flux and reconstruction as we add on new material to vastly improve our product. Because of this, page numbers in the table of contents do not always match the actual pages. Also, the tapes are not completely calibrated to the new manuals yet. Our products is much improved and worth the discrepancies you may find.


Please consult: “Current Corrections, Changes, Updates and Addendums” in the manual to help calibrate the CD with the new manuals,


Listening Order:


Important !!

For maximum ease and effective learning, please listen to programs in the following order:


1)      Basics of  remote Viewing.  Also, read and sign the informed consent form! It outlines what to expect! (Continued on back of “informal session” tape) (Tape #6)


2)      Remote viewing skills practice  (Continued on backs of “Mind Settling”, “Post Session” AND “No Explanation” tapes)


3)      Remote viewing Mini-sessions  (Session 1 AND 2)  (20 min) & (45 min)


4)      Informal guided remote viewing session   (60 min)

  (This session is preceded by the pre-session Mind Settling Procedure (Cool Down))

please Note! The Mind Settling Procedure is missing the first 30 seconds due to a technical error during recording. This will be fixed when the next re-recorded set comes out! IT STILL WORKS FINE WITH OUT THE FIRST 30 SECONDS ! (We APOLOGIZE about this error and will correct it soon) (15 min.)


5)      Guided remote viewing session with full explanation.  (4 hours!) (takes three tapes)

This session is not like a regular RV session you will be doing. It is for training only. You then move on to shorter more normal sessions. This session is over 4 hours long !! and should be done in three parts over three days !! or with at least a 2 hour break between parts ! Don’t make this a marathon session or you’ll burn yourself out.

This particular tape is to teach you the full process. It is not designed to give you excellent target contact. The subsequent tapes will allow you to do that.


(This session is preceded by the pre-session Mind Settling Procedure (Cool Down) (15 min.) AND followed by the post-session grounding procedure (15 min)


6)      Guided remote viewing session with minimal explanation  (2 hours) (takes two tapes)

(This session is preceded by the pre-session mind settling procedure) (15 min.) AND followed by the post-session grounding procedure (15 min)


7)      Guided remote viewing session with no explanation. (1 hour)

(This session is preceded by the pre-session mind settling procedure) (15 min.) AND followed by the post-session grounding procedure (15 min)


8)     Continue to use the “no explanation” tape to guide you until you’re ready to do a remote

session procedure entirely from memory, with or without a template.


OR you can do a variety different session types depending on your energy level, time available, and mood. For example, sometimes it’s fun to do a mini-session, or informal session now and then, or you might just have time and energy for a mini-session.



THE “QUICK START” EXCEPTION: If you’re really “chaffing at the bit” to do RV right now, you can go for it and pick a target “ID” from the manual or web site, (see point 8) or have a friend pick a target, and do mini-sessions, right now, without any prep, after you finish reading the rest of the eleven points. You can do as many mini-sessions as you want, whenever you want.



SOUND QUALITY & some variability in volume between tracks:

These CDs will shortly be re-recorded in a professional studio with professional sound quality and editing. Besides the more “professional touch”, and the lack of background noises and clicks, there will be almost no difference in the tapes.


The current set of CDs is totally functional and effective. If you choose, however, the newer CDs or tapes will be sent to you for only our cost of shipping & handling and of the cost of the blank CD’s or cassettes.


POSSIBLE DEAD SPACE ON ON SOME CDs: (This is no longer likely, because the masters were digitized and copies are now recorded from a computer)

Since these current tapes have not yet been professionally edited, there

may be up to 1 minute of dead space (no sound) on parts of the CD.


Call 425-488-5496 if you have any further questions of concerns.