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REMOTE VIEWING & Personal Development







(Please print two copies of this document out, read it thoroughly, initial the appropriate lines, sign the bottom line, and bring one copy with you to the weekly meeting to give to Dr. Carr. (The other copy is for your records.) After two months, you will be asked to give another signature on this form signifying your long-term commitment. (This is not any kind of legal document, don't worry about that)


The purpose of this document is to spell out and make explicit the purpose of the group, the kind of people we're looking for and the kind of commitment and activities that are required in this group.  This group is partly based on clear explicit communication and intention. 


This program incorporates much more than remote viewing. It is a holistic program that integrates spirituality, emotionality and thinking.  It also incorporates the body; as remote viewing is basically a mental, spiritual and bodily discipline.  It partly focuses on the larger issues of what really matters in life, as well as, the learning of specific skills.


Acceptance into the group requires an initial interview that will cover your spiritual emotional path, your past history, your future intentions, as well as, any reservations you might have.  You also be given a test target to assess your initial remote viewing skills.




Our mission is to find and explore the uses and limits of remote viewing and similar disciplines for the purposes of bettering ourselves and humanity.  In many areas, we will be going or no one has gone before both in inner and “outer” space. Our intention is to integrate this discipline into our daily lives so that we can use our intuitive - perceptive skills to help guide our lives.  Everything we do is done in relationship to how it develops and enables the whole person. The whole person includes the body, mind, emotions, energetics, relationships, intention, and spirit, as well as, the healing of, and integration and optimization of these systems.


We acknowledge the importance of: awareness in the here and now, the “fertile void”, the love of truth, the interconnection of all beings, the power of the heart, the passion to explore and find out, the passion to create, and the need actualize our potential.


We also acknowledged the importance of positive group energy, teamwork, shared intention, honest communication, mutual support, and feedback.


We hope to find new, innovative and healing uses in remote viewing, as well as, provide research support for these uses. Our intention is also to use remote viewing or practical purposes in the field of finance, to generate seed money to fund these projects and to further our personal growth and empowerment.




specific Goals:

  • Your immediate goal, as a student, is to increase: accuracy, the specificity of data, speed, target contact, bi location, and internal discrimination for a variety of different targets, from the deeply spiritual to the mundane.
  • Your long-term goal is to become part of a world-class team that will :

o       Engage in research in the new application of remote viewing to other disciplines and fields, including medicine, psychology, psychotherapy, communication, sociology, physics, metaphysics, biology, cosmology, religion, philosophy, archeology, geology, quantum physics, mathematics, computer science, consciousness studies and art.

o       Do practical remote viewing in the fields or medicine, psychology, healing etc.

o       Do live demonstrations of remote viewing in hospital, academic and media settings

o       Contract with corporations to engage in ethical remote viewing. (Remote viewers from another organization are currently doing contracts with corporations collectively worth about five million dollars. Some of these viewers are making over 100k per year.)

o       Engage in the remote viewing of silver or gold futures etc. in order to accumulate capitol for future projects, research, facilities. (Remote viewing futures has also been successfully demonstrated by other researchers in remote viewing.)

o       Take on the “Amazing Randi” skeptic challenge with a top RV team.

  • Your personal goal should be to grow and expand spiritually, emotionally and financially on a quantum level.  To achieve a heightened level of awareness and consciousness that applies to your daily life.




Required Background:

  • With rare exception, you must be local to the Seattle area.
  • A good to impressive history of mastering other disciplines.
  • A history of actively pursuing spiritual and emotional growth.
  • A deep sense of curiosity and desire to find out things vs. just blindly believing things.
  • A desire and ability to "check things out" instead of "read things in".
  • Members must have relatively good "bull shit detectors". (Having an “open mind” but not a “gaping mind”.)
  • Members must be relatively "non-flaky" and clearheaded.
  • Members must primarily have an “internal locust of control” (relying on one’s own inner guidance and godliness) as opposed to an “external locust of control”. (relying more on external guides, gimmicks and dogmas, new age or other kind)   
  • A history of not quickly jumping around for one thing to another without mastering anything.
  • Members must be more in “actualizing mode” than in “survival mode”.
  • Note that past members with a history of child abuse have a somewhat had a harder time in the program. If you have such a history, this does not rule you out by a long shot, such people usually have more psychic abilities Discuss this with Dr. Carr if you would like.
  • Your life should not be in major transition or crisis.  (This program is not a solution to a life in crisis or turmoil)
  • *Very high intellectual and emotional intelligence.
  • You must have some sense of the importance of feelings and emotions in human life. Sometimes-painful feelings cannot be bypassed or avoided in any serious spiritual path. What you deny, repress or refuse to fully feel, ends up controlling you, no matter how much you think or meditate it away.  No matter how mindful we are, often our unprocessed emotional wounds hide in our unconscious, often totally out of awareness, waiting to be triggered by the world so that we can wake up and have an opportunity to feel process and heal them. This is the hidden fundamental engine that runs most all peoples lives (especially “spiritual people”) with or without their awareness.
  • A deep valuing of authenticity, feelings, congruence and good will. 





general understandings and agreements


(don't get too overwhelmed or intimidated by this document!)

  • Understand that Dr. Carr is willing to be FLEXIBLE and work with you as long as you keep him posted as to what is going on, and are willing to talk over any issues that may come up.

Initial ________


  • Holiday seasons: .Dr. Carr is certainly willing to be flexible during holiday seasons as long as he is kept informed.


  • Dr. Carr fully understands that you may not always be able to come to a meeting or do a session, due to your schedule, job, a trip, vacation, visitation, child needs, need to rest or illness. 


  • Although this list is long, if you look at the actual time and effort that is required, it is actually not that much.  It is not required that you devote your life to remote viewing or become obsessive about it. Dr. Carr is fully aware that you have many other aspects of your life and many other things to schedule in.


  • Hiatus: It is possible to arrange an occasional hiatus from the group if needed. Just discuss it with Dr. Carr if needed.  For any kind break it is important to specify a specific leave and return time.


  • Commitment definition: Dr. Carr realizes that commitment can never be absolute as there are always unexpected factors operating in one's future.  A commitment means an honest firm intention, a willingness to do what appears necessary to keep one's agreements and an honest look seeing that practicing this process will practically fit in your future schedule.  It also means you realize you have sufficient love, passion and motivation to explore reality using the remote viewing process.  Of course you cannot know this right off the bat, which is why a two-month tryout period is given before a two-year commitment is given. 

    This two month tryout period can be extended if you discuss your commitment process with Dr. Carr when the time comes.  You should definitely know if you have the interest and passion after doing 50 targets on a regular basis.  You must keep Dr. Carr informed as to where you stand on your commitment as he will be investing a large amount of time and energy in you.


  • special status members:  On occasion, certain members can be granted special status, if if their life circumstances change, or if the distance they have to drive to the meetings is prohibitive, or if their job is highly demanding and time consuming. You can always discuss the possibility of being a special status member of the group with Dr. Carr.  Members with special status will not be held to the same rigorous requirements as other members.







  • Understand that this is your group and that you have input and a say in what it does and where it goes.  Your input is needed and invited. This group will become what your creativity and vision help it to become.
  • Remote Viewing is almost always energy intensive. It is aerobics for your mind. If you’re low energy and poop out easy remote viewing may not be for you.  It also takes a while to build up endurance.
  • As you learn you must get over the learning “hump”. Before then, the learning may seem somewhat tedious just as learning to read music or to type is tedious at first. After you get over the hump and build up some endurance, it will become easier and easier.
  • There is a two-month tryout period to see how the recruit fits in the group and to see the kind of talent a new recruit has.
  • Viewers will be paid per session for certain “client targets” when the viewer has reached a certain level of competence.
  • Other optional group activities: There will be optional group social events such as potlucks, going to movies, dinners, lectures, workshops, meditation retreats, conferences, nature hikes and other events together.  Feel free to suggest and organized events.
  • Attendance is taken at the group meetings and workshops.
  • Movement Exercises and summaries are an extremely important part of the session.
  • For other than routine issues, it is far better to contact Dr. Carr by phone them by e-mail.
  • Some of the original members of the group are exempt from some of the agreements.  This is arranged on an individual basis.
  • The weekly financial group and weekly practice group are optional; the Saturday group is required. Money made by the financial group will be shared among the participants. How the money will be divided up will be determined later, however, it will be done in a spirit of fairness.
  • Understand that your "workload" will gradually increase over the months to up to fairly consistently four hours a week
  • Understand that one of the MAJOR PURPOSES of the group is to do client targets.  It is one of the main reasons you are been training.

Initial ________





Required Willingness:

  • A willingness to continue to grow spiritually and emotionally. Remote viewing should be done in balance with all other aspects of life, especially in emotional aspects.
  • Willingness to participate in emotional growth and emotional working through as part of the remote viewing process.
  • Willingness to learn and use critical thinking.
  • A willingness to have one's beliefs put to the test.
  • Willingness to start with "beginners mind". Being stuck in the defensive "know it all" mode will not work here.  You must let your mind be empty and let go of what you think you know.
  • A willingness to stay with you commitment the best you can even if your life circumstances get tougher at times.
  • A willingness to share the vision in regards to the incredible future potential of remote viewing.
  • *Willingness to practice meditation on a regular daily basis. This includes listening to the Quantum Light Breath CD at least once every two months.

Initial ________


  • * Willingness to practice remote viewing on a regular weekly basis     

initial ________

  • Open-mindedness and willingness to learn something new and unexpected.


  • * Willingness to do targets and turn their work in on a consistent regular basis.

Initial ________


  • A willingness to communicate with and support other members in the group to phone calls and e-mail.  A good team spirit is extremely important.
  • A willingness to pair up with other members for your practice at home
  • A willingness to do a certain amount or reading homework (one to five pages a week), as well as, to listen to suggested CDs and watching a certain number of suggested DVDs.


  • A willingness to keep Dr. Carr current and informed as to your feelings both positive and negative in regard to the group or anything else.  You cannot be a "nice person" and stuff all your negative feelings.
  • There will eventually be a weekly practice group in addition to the optional  financial group and the Saturday group. This group will be devoted only to doing one full advanced target together (it will last about an hour to half.)  Attendance of the group is optional, however, you must be willing to try to attend some of them when it fits your schedule.
  • A willingness to do short reading and listening assignments on a fairly regular basis.




Required Eventual Long-Term Commitment:


  • You must have a willingness to learn a serious discipline that takes a great deal of practice and years to master.  This is similar to going for a black belt in martial art; it is not for everyone.  If you only want to go partway, or just dabble in it, this group is not for you.
  • Ability to make a firm long term commitment and to keep agreements.
  • Understanding that Dr. Carr is putting together a team that will be together for years.

Initial ________

  • *A commitment to put the time and effort to become a world-class viewer (over at least a two-year period.) You can move to another city as long as you keep the other requirements by phone and email. (Ideally you will be on the team 10 years and retire rich.)
  • *A commitment to keep the other required agreements listed.

    Initial ________
  • after the two months trial period
    *A long term commitment will be given verbally, and by signing the second signature line at the bottom, after the two month tryout period of regular attendance.
  • *You must first read, sign and submit a copy this document as well as the informed consent document ASAP. (Print copies for yourself for reference.)

Initial ________


  • Understand that failure to reasonably keep the listed required initialed agreements may result in removal from the team. (You will receive three warnings on three different occasions prior to that, so that you have ample time to improve your discipline or discuss the matter before removal.)




Required Immediate Agreements:



  • *An agreement to Keep Dr. Carr posted and updated every THURS DAY by phone as to how you and your practice is going and as to what meetings and workshops you are able to attend. Personal contact is extremely important so weekly e-mail for this purpose is not acceptable. The updates should be done proactively in a timely manner and not after the fact. (Special status members, or member on an agreed upon hiatus, may my not be required to do this depending on their individual agreements with Dr. Carr.)

Initial ________


  • *An agreement to participate in a "show of hands" or “hand count” (in a timely manner) when called for by e-mail.  (Absolutely necessary)                                                                               Initial ________
  • *An agreement to attend a minimum of two out of four Saturday meetings a month*

Initial ________


  • An agreement not to work on any remote viewing projects for other remote viewing groups or individuals without first consulting with Dr. Carr.

Initial ________

  • *An agreement to participate in at least one-third of Dr. Carr's remote viewing workshops. (Minimum of three or four year)

Initial ________


  • An agreement to participate in some Dr. Carr's gestalt workshops. (Minimum one a year) Everyone can continue to grow more no matter how much past therapy and groups they have had.

Initial ________


  • * E-mail access with agreement to check it every other day consistently.

Initial ________


  • An agreement to keep track of one's remote viewing sessions and to bring them to weekly meetings for feedback.


  • You must monitor an RV session done by Dr Carr from time to time. ( E.g. every 2 months.)

  • Prepare, maintain and keep your own Target Pool taken from: printouts of the target disk, downloads from the Internet, cutouts from magazines, and targets you have written out yourself. select and write a wide spectrum of targets that you feel passionate about and it really interest you. Also include many "nuts and bolts" practice targets that can give you clear feedback as to your accuracy when you have finished with your session. Try to build up your target Pool to at least 100 targets. When viewing a target from your Target Pool, simply close your eyes, pull out a target from the pile and place it in another folder with your eyes closed. This way you stay blind as to what the target is until after the session.





required time, sessions & exercises:

    weekly requirements:

  • possible four hours: *When asked for a particular week, an agreement to do a minimum of four hours a week  doing a combination of the following: remote viewing assigned (or one's own target if not given an assigned target) practice or client targets,  doing assigned drills, doing assigned listening or reading, practicing an assigned meditation or awareness exercise, (in addition to the Saturday group). (Often less than four hours will be all that is necessary, especially at first.) If you can't do the minimum four hours asked for a particular week, you must inform Dr. Carr by phone or e-mail the next day. You must be able to do the four hours requested at least 50% of the time.

Initial ________


  • informal session: An agreement to pair off and practice with other viewers for at least one short informal target session a week. If you can't find a partner, then do one informal session on your own at least three pages long. Find regular practice partners as soon as possible.

Initial ________


  • template session: *An agreement to do at least one  template session per week. Either from one’s own pool of targets or given by Dr. Carr.  if you can't do a template session for a particular week you must inform Dr. Carr as soon as you know.

Initial ________


  • three to five 1-5 minute unstructured quick sessions per day from your Target Pool. You can use one to five sheets of paper for these quick unstructured sessions.  Save your best ones, and bring some of them with you to share at the meetings. Keep Dr. Carr informed if you're able to do or not do these daily sessions for a particular time period.

Initial ________


    monthly requirements


  • monitored session: You must do at least one fully monitored formal session, every  month. one of those sessions must be monitored by Dr. Carr the other one can be monitored by a practice partner.  It is your responsibility to contact Dr. Carr set up these appointments with him.

Initial ________



  • feedback session: An agreement to get personal feedback on at least one of your sessions every month. Feedback can also be gotten over the phone from Dr. Carr or from your monitor. It is the viewer’s responsibility to approach Dr. Carr and make sure that they get appropriate feedback on a particular target. One cannot learn remote viewing without feedback. Feedback is absolutely essential.                                                                                 Initial ________




   other   requirements for sessions


  • *MANDATORY TARGETS: occasionally a target will be labeled MANDATORY, in which case, it will be expected that you will complete a session on that target within a specified time period unless you inform Dr. Carr that is not feasible for you to do the target at that time.  I have to be able to count on you for a certain percentage (at least two out of three) of mandatory targets. 

    Dr. Carr may extend the time period for you to complete that target at that time. All given movement exercises must be done for these kinds of targets.  You must do at least two out of three mandatory targets given over year’s time. There should be an average of one mandatory target given out per month.  (Trust that you will not be overloaded with mandatory targets.)

Initial ________



  • informed Dr. Carr: *An agreement to inform Dr. Carr (by e-mail or phone), as soon as possible, that you are unable to do any target that is given to you by Dr. Carr by email,  phone or at a group meeting.
                                                                                                      Initial ________

  • faxing sessions: An agreement to FAX at least one target session to Dr. Carr every Friday with a minimum of three pages and bring the rest of your sessions with you to the Saturday morning meeting

Initial ________







  • Required Equipment and Expenditures:


  • *Access to, or ownership of a fax machine. (Now as cheap as $50)
  • *A computer that can run Word for Windows, CD-ROMs and receive e-mail.
  • A color printer to print out practice targets from the CD.
  • A DVD player to be purchased in the next three months. (Now as cheap as $30)
  • $5 nominal fee for group meetings. $60 nominal fee for workshops, $5 for CDs and DVDs. The purchasing a certain CDs, will be required others are optional.  There will also be an additional charge for workshop manuals.
  • Bring a variety of blank remote viewing templates with you to each meeting. (You print or Xerox them.)
  • The purchase of five basic books. The first one is call Practicing Radical Honesty by Brad Blanton.
  • The Purchase of the target CD, Quantum Light Breath CD, and The Document CD at 5$ each


*absolutely required












1. Keep Dr. Carr posted and updated every THURS DAY by phone. Inform Dr. Carr before hand if you can or cannot come to a particular session or workshop, or if you cannot do a particular target given by Dr. Carr.


2.  Do two out of three mandatory targets given (and to immediately contact Dr Carr if you cannot do a mandatory client target.) (Takes about an hour per session)


3.  Come an average of two out of four Saturday meetings per month.  (10am to 1pm)


4.  Do one full hour long template session per week. either given to you or from your own target pool. (Unless you inform Dr. Carr that your current circumstances will not permit it for a particular week)


5.  Do one short informal monitored session over the phone with a partner per week.  (10 minutes to 45 minutes) (Unless you inform Dr. Carr that your current circumstances will not permit it for a particular week)


6.  Attend at least one-third of Dr. Carr's local remote viewing weekend workshops in a year. (It is possible to attend one day of workshop if you discuss it before hand with Dr. Carr)


7) To regularly and promptly participate in requested “hand counts” for various events etc. by email.


8)  Do the verbal commitment that you’re in the group for the long haul (two years). (After two months)


9) An agreement to do (when requested) a minimum of four hours a week remote viewing practice for that week


10) Find and work weekly with practice partner


11) To fax at least one target to Dr. Carr every Wednesday with a minimum of three pages and bring the rest of your sessions with you to the Saturday morning meeting.


12) Call and clarify with Dr. Carr if anything is unclear to you. If Dr. Carr is not available go ahead and do the best you can with your practice and assignments.




Be sure and put your name, target number and date on your sessions before faxing them!!


One last "hard assed" statement:

 The requirements 1-3 are the most important.  The "ostrich method" will not work in this case. This group is for serious students only.  Three strikes without discussing with Dr. Carr and kaput.


For those of you who do not feel that you can give the kind of commitment required for this group, there may be a second group that meets one's Saturday morning per month.  There would only be a slight discount for workshops and CDs were this group.  It is not definite yet whether or not this group will be formed.  Don't count on it.


Please call and discuss it with Dr. Carr it you have any further questions or concerns.








signing and Initialing the agreement:


please note, this is not any kind of legal contract, (don't worry about that).

it is merely a statement of your conscious willingness, intention and goodwill

to do your part to make the group work successfully by consciously maintaining the discipline.

(think of it as like practicing a martial art)


Thank you very much.




Dr. Carr






for new members: (white belt)

I have read, initialed, understand and agree to the above conditions for the two months trial period:



signature ______________________________________  Date ___________






for  members after two months: (Green belt)

 I am hereby willing to give a two-year commitment to the Warriors of the Heart Program as a regular participant.
 I will inform Dr. Carr if any circumstances should change.

signature ______________________________________  Date ___________





instructor membership(brown belt)

 (instructors will assist in, or teach workshops, and be paid for their client sessions)


signature ______________________________________  Date ___________





special status membership:  I understand that I'm a special status member and agree to abide by any special agreements, I have made with Dr. Carr.


signature ______________________________________  Date ___________