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Hello Fellow Pioneers!

This egroup is an open forum for the discussion of remote viewing and related topics. Also, remote viewing organizational activities, announcement and workshops schedules are also posted on a regular basis.

This is a place where newcomers can ask questions of more experienced members. Experienced, top remote viewers can discuss any issues involving all forms of remote viewing without fear of being screened or blackballed. The emphasis is on mutual support and cooperation, honest criticism, disagreement and the further evolvement and creative use of remote viewing, including the integration of remote viewing with other disciplines.

We believe there's room for all different points of view in this field. If you're a professional remote viewer, an ex-military RV'r or a curious beginner, you're welcome to join participate! Go ahead, make a statement, respond to someone, ask a question!!

The group is un-moderated because we respect YOUR ability to distinguish and choose between B.S., dishonest hostility, and real stuff. Any RV organization is welcome to post announcements of their activities, workshops, and discoveries on this egroup (within reason). Feel free to put the word out.

If you want a moderated egroup try the "innervison" or "stargate" egroup. (Realize that all moderators have a bias, some of them having a very strong bias. Some don't like spiritual, esoteric stuff, others have a very narrow definition of what remote viewing should be, still others may be clueless in the critical thinking department, some may just like being in control.)

Also, since this is a relatively new group it probably will take some time for it to evolve. There may be times of little activity. The growing Membership must feel free to contribute their Ideas and Knowledge to stimulate interest and exciting dialogue. The moderator won't contribute much until we complete the "randi project" in 2-3 months. Take responsibility for keeping dialogue and contributions going if that's what you desire. This is YOUR group and it is what you help make it. Let's evolve it into the best!

We ask that you be sensitive to the feelings of others, if ever giving your own remote viewing results to others. Remote viewing is not infallible and people can potentially be inadvertently hurt by claims relating to them or their family, that are stated as absolutes without a sense of humility or fallibility.

On the other hand, don't hold back by telling yourself you're only a beginner and only the "experts" are entiltled to risk making a contribution. Ultimately there are no real experts!! Trust YOUR intuition!!

Upcoming remote viewing workshops schedules in remote viewing, and other announcements, are also posted on a regular basis on this eGroup. All remote viewing organizations can post here, as long as the number of posts are in reason.

Also, practice targets, and sometimes real client targets are sometimes posted on this eGroup for you to try your RV skills with.

Keep in mind, sometimes there may be a delay before people, or the moderator responds to your email. The moderator sometimes will not respond to the email, especially when out doing workshops.

Lastly, In the unlikely event that you ever decide you want to unsubscribe to the remoteviewers egroup, please note now how to unsubscribe, and take responsibility for unsubscribing yourself if you ever decide to do that.


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