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What does a "secure link" mean, anyways?
A secure link means that your browser will automatically encrypt any information that is sent across that link. Electronic encryption codes are generally quite difficult to break. Read on to learn why the encryption is important.
Sending your credit card over the net is rather like giving it to a mail order company over the phone. The people in your house, at the phone company, and at the mail order company could theoretically listen to it -- if they had the right equipment and were in the right place.
On the Internet, theoretically, a person on your local-area network (ie. at your home, business, or school), a person at your Internet Service Provider (ISP), the destination ISP, or any ISP in between, or a person at the destination company could listen in to try and get your credit card. However, this person would have to 1. have "super-user" access (access which is usually only granted to those who are directly responsible for the maintenance of the machine) and 2. spend time and know how to break the encryption protecting your information.
The most vulnerable points to interception are the local networks at each end of a connection. Unlike the point to point nature of the backbone network most local nets are broadcast, that is all machines on the local net could, if so programmed, hear packets to all local machines. This makes the local endpoints the most vulnerable to data interception. In particular, if a thief can gain control of one machine on the local net all traffic to all local machines may be read. The risk therefore is highly correlated with the level of security on your local area network. Remember, though, that even if such a machine were compromised, the thief would still have to break through the encryption.