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The Western Institute of Remote Viewing

Wayne E. Carr, Ph.D.
Licensed Psychologist
Executive Director

(My professional role, responsibilities and ethical obligations as a
licensed psychologist are kept entirely separate from my role as a remote viewer and instructor.)

15505 79th Ave. N. E. Kenmore, WA 98028
Phone 425-488-5496 
, www.remoteviewers.com




Dr. Wayne Carr is a psychologist who has recently moved to Kirkland Washington from Reno Nevada. He is currently executive director of The Western Institute of Remote Viewing and of The American Association of Remote Viewers (AARV). With a past membership of over 400, the American Association of Remote Viewers was the largest association of its kind in the world. Dr. Carr is now working on revitalizing this organization.

Dr. Carr was one of the original people qualified as an Instructor by the Farsight Institute meaning that he was in the second graduating, and was given  "I" or instructor status (1996).

Dr. Carr has  also received the basic, intermediate and extended remote viewing training  with David Morehouse, Ph.D. at Remote Viewing Technologies (RVT)
He has also received remote viewing training from Ray Borden the former executive director of AARV and Prudence Calabrese of TDS.

Dr. Carr has integrated remote viewing techniques gained from consultation, collaboration, or contact with a variety of other remote viewers including Angela Thompson of Innervision and Glen Wheaton of HRVG.

In Addition, Dr Carr has participated in all IRVA conferences since it's first large one in 1999. He was a presenter in the 2002 conference.

Dr. Carr has also participated in a workshop with the "medical Intuitive" Caroline Myss, author of Anatomy of the Spirit. In the early 1970's he participated in psychic training with Bob Hoffman, the developer of the Fisher-Hoffman Process.

Dr. Carr prefers to learn and integrate remote viewing techniques and ideas from many sources; he will always be gaining additional training and experience with other top remote viewers in the field.  He believes that being open to new ideas and techniques is a continually evolving process. He attempts not to be foolish enough to dogmatically claim to "know it all", or claim to have exclusive rights to the one correct way of remote viewing. He is attempting to help spawn a new generation of remote viewers who do not put ego, control, and competition ahead of the process of remote viewing and all of it's wondrous possibilities for mankind.

Dr. Carr has conducted over a hundred Remote Viewing workshops all over the United States and has successfully trained thousands of men and women to do remote viewing.  In addition, hundreds of people, world over, are learning remote viewing through his Home Study Program. He currently heads the Institute's remote viewing team that remote views a large variety of targets for individuals and companies. (missing persons and animals, future earth changes, possible future time lines for individuals, ET activity, future relationships, murders and unaccounted-for deaths,  etc.) His team has conducted informal research on various topics using remote viewing techniques. He is currently expanding the development of  Therapeutic Remote viewing and Medical Remote Viewing, and with the encouragement of David Morehouse, Psychological Remote Viewing for uses in psychotherapy, communication and health. In 1999, Dr. Carr will be producing Video Tapes and Advanced Training programs to further facilitate the learning of  remote viewing.

Dr. Carr has been interviewed for different TV and radio programs, including the "X-Zone" radio show in Canada, the "Shine" radio talk show in Monterey, also, for the television interview show "Off the Record"  (formally "UFO A-Z").  He has also been interviewed for the American Entertainment Network (AEN) and by Patte Purcell on the Next Dimension talk radio show on the Talk America Network. His remote viewing workshop in Monterey was filmed for presentation on the Japanese television show "Unbelievable". Dr. Carr and his workshop have also appeared on the Fox Family Channel show "Exploring the Unknown".
Dr. Carr has had a long interest in psychic phenomenon and consciousness. His doctoral dissertation was on brain waves and states of consciousness. While conducting this research, he would frequently have discussions over lunch with the Princeton psychic researchers, Dr. Charles Honorton and George Hansen. At this time, he was supervised Dr. Joe Kamiya, the father of brain wave biofeedback. Dr. Carr has conducted brain wave research with Dr. Lester Fehmi, the founder of "Open Focus", a technique used by therapists worldwide, for pain reduction and heightened awareness. During this time he also conducted research on a device designed by Edgar Casey.  In 1972 Dr. Carr conducted a research project on telepathy as a graduate student at California State University, Los Angeles.

At the Farsight Institute, he graduated in the same classes as Prudence Calabrese, past Director of Transdimesional Systems. One of Dr. Carr's "student's" at Farsight, Jon Baklund went on to found The Midwest Institute of Intuitive Application (Remote Viewing). Another one of his "student's" at Farsight, Echan Deravy, head of Transdimension in Victoria, now teaches remote viewing in Japan and Canada.

Dr. Carr received a Ph.D. in psychology from the University of Nevada Reno in 1992, Biofeedback Certification in 1993, an MA in educational psychology from Northern Arizona University in 1982, and a BA in psychology from Sonoma State University in 1973. He has practiced in California, Nevada, and New Jersey. Dr. Carr currently has a Gestalt Psychotherapy practice in Reno NV.

Dr. Carr draws from his unique background in cognitive-behavioral, humanistic & Gestalt Therapies, meditation, consciousness, biofeedback, and neurofeedback. Overall, Dr. Carr has a strong interest in finding ways to integrate the "spiritual" with the "primal-emotional".

Other special interests of Dr. Carr are: The therapeutic uses of awareness, attention and emotional release; the relationship of brain activity to awareness and emotions; exploration of subjective emotional states and processes, including ways of finishing emotional "unfinished business" and processing emotional pain; teaching clear communication skills.

Dr. Carr is in the process of writing papers on "self-deception", "self-therapy", "accessing the self", "mental clarity", "gestalt formation", "catharsis & meditation", "undoing retroflections & projections", "critical thinking" "Remote viewing- potential uses in psychotherapy."

Dr. Carr also has a background in Zen meditation, (since 1968), TM, martial arts, re-birthing, breathwork, Primal Therapy, critical thinking and Krishnamurti. He is into aerobics, cycling, windsurfing, hiking, soaking in hot springs and life extension. He is originally from Pasadena, CA.
Dr. Carr's E-mail is: waynecarr@remoteviewers.com. The web site is: www.remoteviewers.com