TV and Radio Appearances By Dr. Carr


Radio Shows:

a)     The "X-Zone" radio show in Canada.

b)     The "Shine" radio talk show in Monterey, CA.

c)     Patte Purcell on the Next Dimension talk radio show on the Talk America Network.

d)     The American Entertainment Network (AEN)

e)     By Don Ecker Strange Daze radio talk show Liberty Works Radio Network.

f)       The Allan Hutner Radio TalkShow, Sante Fe, NM

g)     "Mind over Matter" Radio Show.

h)     The Joy Ray Freeman Show, Seattle Area

i)     "The Quest" with Peter Weissback , Nationally syndicated

k)    University of BC radio show, Vancouver, BC

j)     "Contact" with Cameron Steele,  coming Feb 24 2002


Television Shows:

h)     The Ted Lowman television interview show "Off the Record"  (formally "UFO A-Z").

i)       Mitch Battros on the Earth Changes television show.

j)       Dr. Carr's  remote viewing workshop in Monterey was filmed for presentation on the Japanese television show "Unbelievable".

k)     The Fox Family Channel show: "Exploring The Unknown" shows Dr. Carr's remote viewing workshop and remote viewing demonstration in front of skeptic Mike Shermer, Editor of Skeptic Magazine.

l)       UR Psychic Show. Chicago