Wayne E. Carr, Ph.D.
Licensed Psychologist

Executive Director

The Western Institute of Remote Viewing
American Association or Remote Viewers


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Dr. Wayne Carr is a licensed psychologist with a psychotherapy practice in Seattle
Dr. Carr received his Ph.D. in psychology from University of Nevada Reno in 1992, Biofeedback Certification in 1993, an MA in educational psychology from Northern Arizona University in 1982, and a BA in psychology from Sonoma State University in 1973. He has practiced in California, Nevada, and New Jersey. He is originally from Pasadena, California and is settled permanently in Seattle. He is currently licensed as a Psychologist for the State of Nevada  & California..
Dr. Carr draws from his unique background in cognitive-behavioral, humanistic, Primal, Transpersonal & Gestalt therapies, biofeedback, and neurofeedback.
He also has a background in Zen meditation, martial arts, re- birthing, breath work and critical thinking (he was originally a philosophy major). He is developing Psychological Remote Viewing and Therapeutic Remote Viewing for use in psychotherapy, communication and health. He is into aerobics, cycling, windsurfing, hiking, soaking in hot springs and life extension.  His main interest is finding ways to integrate the spiritual with the primal-emotional.