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Executive Director: Western Institute of Remote Viewing & The American Association of Remote Viewers

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Dear Remote Viewing Student,


Thank you very much for ordering our product, and for your support of the Institute!


You are about to embark on a wonderful odyssey or journey that few people have traveled. Congratulations for acting on your curiosity and wonder, and for being willing to take a risk. We are all fellow travelers on this journey into a new frontier. Welcome to the Beginning-Intermediate program! 


Be sure and read the “READ ME” section first. To learn remote viewing at home you must be a “self-starter”. It takes time, curiosity, dedication, commitment AND A WILLINGNESS TO CALL FOR GUIDANCE. Don’t let this course just lie around while you postpone learning; go for it! Please note that you are asked to commit to doing at least 10 full remote viewing sessions to give yourself an honest experience.


Try to find a partner to pair off with to complete the 10 sessions. This way you would monitor 10 sessions for your partner’s viewing, and remote view 10 sessions with your partner monitoring you. It is strongly recommended that you have at least one PRACTICE partner. (If you want, you can still do it solo; it is just somewhat harder to start this way). I am available for guidance in these processes.


You can do it, trust the natural abilities you were born with! Everyone naturally fears that they will be the one who can’t do it. That’s highly unlikely. Let me know how it goes for you, or call if you need guidance or feedback.


Please notice that our manuals are always in a state of flux and reconstruction as we add on new material to vastly improve our product. Because of this, page numbers in the table of contents do not always match the actual pages. Also, the tapes are not completely calibrated to the new manuals yet. Our product is much improved and worth the discrepancies you may find. There is another insert included to help you navigate the changes. Call if anything is unclear.


The advanced program will be available soon. Also, please note that the CDs and tapes will be redone (and recalibrated to the new manuals) in a professional studio soon, so if you want the re-done tapes with less background noise, I will ship them to you at cost, at your request. They should be re-done by December 2005. There will be no, or little, difference in the actual content of the redone CDs and tapes.




If you ordered the Regular Version of the Home Course you will have received manuals 1, 2, 3, 7,& 8. If you ordered the Expanded Version you have received manuals 1-12, the medical target pack. the target pack, the session template pack and the 6 CDs: 1) The MP3 Audio CD: Full Program 2) The MP3 Audio CD: Guided Practice Sessions 3) The Document CD. 4) The Target CD.

5) The Media CD  and 6) The Quantum Light Breath audio CD


 Let me know if you want to upgrade to the Expanded Version later.


After you’ve done some targets, please let me know if you’re interested in organizing a Remote Viewing Workshop in your area, or if you’re interested in being on a remote viewing team.


Join our email group by sending request  to: waynecarr@remoteviewers.com ! or go to our web page: www.remoteviewers.com and you may find a local group for your city.




Wayne E. Carr, Ph.D.